Outfit of The Day: Kitty with the Blue Eyes

March 11, 2014
Why the term “feeling blue” came to be associated with low mood, I’ll never know.  For such a pretty hue it seems quite oxymoronic, when blue is a fresh glorious Spring sky, sunlight on crisp snow, a vibrant great barrier reef whose waters play host to beautiful and exotic species.  Surely this is far from a depressing colour.

I’ve always admired the look of the blue eyed brunette.  The intoxicating allure of hazelnut hair contrasted by dazzling gems of topaz: eyes more whirlpools of seducing beauty that can take anyone under their spell.

That explains the urgent need I felt recently to buy the blue eyed kitty scarf from New Look.  Maybe it was the adorable repeat print (I was once a child cataholic!) or just those hypnotic glacier blue eyes that compelled me to take this baby home.

I have to admit, I do love a scarf, and the bigger the better.  They’re perfect accessories for spring days when it’s not quite warm out and personally I think they make almost any outfit rather chic.

What I wore: 
Ice blue Tommy Hilfiger sweater, navy blue H&M mini skirt, New Look Tabby cat scarf, nude Faith platform heels with pink boot socks.

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  1. Panty Buns

    March 11, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    I love your New Look Tabby print scarf. A number of the Fbloggers / fashionistas I follow are adult cataholics, including Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream. You look fantastic in your ice blue Tommy Hilfiger sweater and H&M navy blue mini skirt. Your figure is perfection. Whenever I shop for the pieces of an outfit I try to imagine what contrasting and complimentary colours of lingerie would look good with it. I think neon pink and lemon yellow would both style nicely with your ice blue sweater and navy blue mini skirt. You and your outfit both look lovely!

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