Happy National Cleavage Day!

March 30, 2012

Today is the 10th anniversary of National Cleavage Day so be sure to celebrate womanhood in style and push up those boobies!  With the unbelievably gorgeous weather we’ve had all week it’s been hard not to wear something pretty revealing so a fabulous bra that gives you a great rack is what’s needed.

National Cleavage Day is the birth child of Wonderbra which was dreamt up in 2002.  Wonderbra are renowned for their fantastic boob boosting lingerie but not so known for their wide range of sizes.  Sadly Wonderbras only reach a 30G in some styles so there’s not much choice for women with bigger boobs, and/or require a slightly smaller back, like me.  In an ideal world a 28GG or 28H would be my perfect fit but I do appreciate sizing across brands and even styles are far from consistent.  The last Wonderbra I wore was the one in the picture above and that I believe was an E or an F cup.   So I am intrigued to see how their 30G would fit.

National Cleavage Day is just a bit of fun and I herald the concept behind it which means we celebrate whatever size boobs we have.

My favourite celebrity and girl crush is Katy Perry (and anyone who follows my personal blog, Diary of a Cavygirl knows that already.)  I love her punchy music as much as her image; she’s playful with her girly and womanly sides and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and dresses however she pleases.  Katy Perry is definitely a great advocate for the National Cleavage Day philosophy, don’t you agree?

Becky x

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