Faith Extreme Platform Boots & Discount Code

April 17, 2013

Like many women I’m a sucker for a good shoe.  Admittedly, my shoe of choice these days resides around a flat sole; I love a good pair of ankle boots and when the warmer weather lands it’s time for open ballerinas or lace pumps.  The heels I tend to buy are either for nights out, smart occasions and my modelling work because as much as I like the look of them, my fibromyalgia aches and pains prevent me from enjoying them as much.  So when I won an awesome pair of Faith heeled boots from Debenhams I was really quite excited.

I had no idea what my prize shoes were going to be until the parcel arrived and when I opened the box I just thought, ‘wow!’  I’ve always considered platforms to be my thing (I am guilty of wearing the platform trainers of Spice Girls 90s era); not only do they tend to look chunky and quite urban you can look like you’re wearing a much bigger heel than it is and due to the thick sole base they’re generally easier to walk in.  Hmm, that’s not necessarily the case with these ones…

Cue the Faith ‘Cameo’: this is one baby of a boot.  In a natural colour synthetic suede with laced eyelets and inner side zips, these extreme platform ankle boots boast a stonking 5″ of chunky faux wooden heel.  The sole is 1″ so with a true height of 4″, it’s a fair bit to me and my little feet.  I say little feet because although at a size 6 my toes are teeny weeny (think baby feet) which is another reason why I think I struggle with heels.

Faith ‘Cameo’ Boots

I could lock these boots up in a glass closet and admire them all day long but, alas, I can not wear them.  I attended an event over the weekend, taking my pumps with me as emergency footwear, and I caved possibly a third of the way in, which is pretty disappointing and mortifying.  My feet hurt that much I didn’t much care for what I looked like changing my shoes right there and then.

Me wearing Faith ‘Cameo’ Boots

If you live in heels as much as I live in my flats, you’ve mastered the tippy-toe walk or you’ve got asbestos feet, you’ll adore these.  The Cameo is a truly fab shoe.  I love them and yet I hate them.  How… gutting.  🙁

You can get 10% off these boots – and other fashion – at with the following discount code – CP37 – until 24th April 2013.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with shoes?  Can you put up with the pain of heels?  I’d love to hear your experiences of gorgeous footwear.

Becky x

*This post is not paid for by Debenhams, I simply won the shoes in a competition.  🙂

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