Satchels Were Made For Me

April 20, 2013

I love bags and always carry one with me. I feel naked without one.  Having a bag was a natural progression from having my school bag growing up so when I was finished with school I moved onto an ‘essentials’ bag.  There’s always so much I need with me such as my purse, phone, diary and not least a choice of lipbalms.

In a multitude of colours and varying styles I’ve always had at least one bag on the go.  I would go as far as saying my bag is a part of me, what it looks like reflects everything about me; my personality, my needs, and if my bag is shabby I too feel shabby.  Bags are a hugely important extension of me, not just an accessory, so when I tire of my bag and feel the need for a new one I take my time to make sure I get from it all I want and expect.

A typical shoulder bag has generally been my go to style for it’s ease of transportation.  Grab bags, although often pretty and chic quickly become a nuisance, especially when two hands are not enough.  A style that has increasingly made an appearance in my bag wardrobe is the across body bag and, of late, the revival of the satchel.  And I have to say, the satchel is king of all bags.

Mulberry ‘Alexa’ – the connoisseur’s choice of satchel

Satchels were once seen as the industrial behemoth used only for school books but in the last few years they’ve enjoyed a resurgence that’s increased their popularity status as arm candy of choice on the shoulder of many a style icon.  As a thriver of colour, like a moth to a flame, my interest in satchels grew as beautiful shades and vintage patterns emerged onto the scene.  A staple shape + colour meant the satchel was redefined.

Nica Play satchel – a fresh take on old

So why do I like a satchel?  They’re uncomplicated, solid, functional and comfy.  Oh yes, comfort plays a hugely important role in the bag.  If I’m going to carry half my life around with me I don’t want it to be a drag, and I equally want it to be accessible.  I’ve realised a regular bag requires taking off and plonking on a counter or chair which isn’t always convenient.  A bag at the end of a long strap and/or across your front makes life so easy and easy works for me every time.

Seeing as we’re talking bags an’ all I may as well introduce you to my newbie; my spring pastel trend embracing pale blue ASOS satchel.  Isn’t she a pretty?!

ASOS light blue satchel – mine!

Yes, this is my new favourite bag. Until the next itch, of course…

Becky x

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