Ella and Me Pyjamas: Lavender & Lace

December 19, 2016

This week marks a new milestone in my pregnancy – I’m 28 weeks and officially into the 3rd trimester!  Although I’m struggling with pre-exisiting health conditions coming back to haunt me and pelvic pain forcing me onto crutches, I am lucky enough to be otherwise enjoying a healthy pregnancy, and bed rest isn’t all that bad.  Now it’s Winter I feel a little less guilty hibernating at home, and the extra pyjama time is currently one of my little indulgences when I’ve overdone it.   I actually look forward to a day not doing much at all; it’s good for my body to recuperate and it’s a nice little chance to enjoy my favourite jammies!

I’ve now outgrown most of my pyjamas, except for one set, my Ella and Me pyjamas.  While every other waistband has grown tight and uncomfortable, I’ve been quite surprised by how these have just naturally grown with me.  So when Kinky Knickers (the folk behind the Ella and Me brand) offered to send me some new ones, I much obliged, and my small maternity wardrobe gained a fresh new set of comfy PJs.

I was sent the Ella and Me Lavender Grey Pyjama Top, Medium/£40 and the Lavender Grey Pyjama Trousers, Medium/£40 

The Lavender Grey pyjama top and bottoms are part of the premium sleepwear collection by Ella and Me.  With part of the range featuring genuine Liberty print fabrics (such as the previous pieces I reviewed), the lavender grey colourway is an understated, and easily underrated, more muted line.  I adore the shade!  I’m a fan of wearing grey and this is such an unusually lush colour that easily co-ordinates with other pieces in my wardrobe when I want to mix up the look.

Thanks to the modal rich fibre content, the buttery soft jersey fabric offers a luxuriously fluid drape to each of the garments in the range, that feels warm and cosy when its cold and cool in the summer.  Fine Nottingham lace and dainty bows trim the top and bottoms adding an indulgent touch while the dusky lavender grey has a hint of lilac warmed up by ecru lace, combining to create a soothing, dreamy colour palette.

The pyjama top is a relaxed style with a slight tailored fit at the short sleeves and to the bust line, the seams edged with a sumptuous ribbon of lace.  Fabric gathering at the centre of the generously deep v neck emphasises its gorgeously feminine lines, creating a beautifully detailed top that oozes delicate comfort.

The medium size is generously proportioned for dress sizes 14-16, and due to its stretch fabric wears easily as a cute bed top.  It feels loose and breathable with the deep neckline offering a comfortably open fit so you don’t feel swamped in bed.

The medium fits me perfectly with my full bust (currently a 34H), the sleeves aren’t too close and there’s no uncomfortable tightness over the bustline – and it maintains that great fluid fit while my baby bump grows.  I’m amazed it still feels good to wear, and just as comfortable as before my new pregnancy curves.

The pyjama trousers have a slinky, wide leg drape with a generous length for that super relaxed style.  The slim elasticated waistband features gorgeous Nottingham lace along the front, finished off with a bow.

The medium trousers, like the top, fit dress sizes 14-16.  The waistband’s light elastic makes these trousers so easy to wear for lounging around in because its far from restrictive.  Nothing digs in and they sit in a relaxed style around the waist.

Interestingly I’ve found these pyjama bottoms to be the most forgiving and adaptive to my baby bump.  Where other pyjamas have become too tight for me to wear, I’ve been able to continue wearing my regular size.  The waistband sits nicely around my mid tummy with a gentle but unobtrusive grip, and the stretch fabric glides over my curves.

The sumptuously soft fabric really makes these pyjamas so beautifully wearable.  The quality of the jersey feels luxurious and is perfect for sensitive skins.  I’ve been struggling with extra sensitive skin during this pregnancy and wearing my Ella and Me pyjamas definitely make me feel more comfortable, the silky fabric soothing away any irritation.

The lace is such a pretty touch, lending an extra premium quality to the pyjamas.  The Kinky Knickers factory make superior lace which is great to see working so well on loungewear.

These are by no means a maternity brand but I have no qualms with recommending fellow expectant ladies, as much as those who aren’t, to try these gorgeously stylish pyjamas.

You can purchase Ella and Me sleepwear direct from

Kinky Knickers

What do you think of my Ella and Me pyjamas?  If you’re a fan of wearing pyjamas like I am, what would you say your favourite fabric is?  Do you like standard non stretch cotton, stretch jersey or maybe something more decadent like silk?  Do you like a touch of lace on your sleepwear?  I’d love to hear how you like your pyjamas!

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