Diary Doll Period Pants

November 5, 2013
Oh how PMS gets me down… (yes, this really is me!)
Image: Chris Rout

Periods are evil.  I blame Eve, if it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t be expressing my absolute loathing of what can only be described as woman’s monthly punishment.  I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t mean your entire world turned itself inside out for two weeks out of the four.  Mood swings, back ache, bloating, period pain… womankind really does suffer.

If you think I’m just moaning, you’re reading me right!  I’m putting you in the perspective of me in my grotty PMS moods, because when you’re actually on your period you feel like a frumpy, grumpy sack of spuds.  The days when you feel your most delicate – and emotional – all you want to do is curl up in your comfiest casuals in front of the tv with a hot water bottle and bag of Maltesers.

Back in September I wrote an article for Esty Lingerie about periods being the taboo topic it generally is.  My thought now, as a 31 year old a long way away from my teenage self, is, frankly, ‘bollocks’, women should be able to talk about what’s completely natural.  I wouldn’t wish the horrid sense of pure grossness you feel when you start your periods on any girl.  A medal and awards reception you don’t get (and would die in shame of.)

I learned about the knicker brand, Diary Doll, through the trade show MODA where they launched their specially designed period pants.  Whilst their simple design briefs aren’t terribly exciting, it’s refreshing to see a product aimed specifically with periods in mind.  Like I said, you tend to only want to wear what’s comfy and practical at that time of the month, and Diary Doll have addressed exactly that.

Diary Doll sent me the Jet Black bikini briefs in a size 2 (10-12), which as a size 12 wearer fit very well.  The briefs sit low on the tummy and are wide around the hips which gives them a boy short feel.  Whilst they look like regular knickers the gusset is wider than you’d usually find, and I think this is a crucial point to their effectiveness.  Sanitary towels with wings will comfortably fit and provide ample protection, just as much as smaller liners are well hidden away.


A characteristic of the Diary Dolls that I think is worth a mention, is the fabric.  It’s a breathable cotton modal fibre mix, as opposed to a standard 100% cotton knicker, which means they can be washed and air dried quickly.

Periods, as crap as they are, are a fact of life we unfortunately have to learn to manage.  It doesn’t mean you have to feel rubbish for your cycle’s entirety, though.  If you can wear your cutest knickers, go for it, but if you’re struggling with heavy periods that only cause you anxiety, it’s worth giving Diary Doll knickers a go.

*Product provided for review*

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  1. Panty Buns

    November 17, 2013 at 1:13 am

    You look fabulous in the Diary Doll Jet Black Bikini. I visited their website. The bikini has a nice look from the back too. To me a generously cut gusset is an important fashion feature and very desirable for comfort, utility and looks in a brief. The waterproof panel is also a nice feature and doesn’t detract from the prettiness of the panty at all. They’re lovely. I don’t know why periods would be a taboo topic. It’s part of life and the pains, discomfort or inconvenience and stain removal are perfectly logical women’s topics. I also think it’s nice to have a variety of colours in addition to black and white in a lingerie collection, and think burgundy and related darker colours are as nice to style with different outfits as the lighter shades and colours.

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