Coppafeel! Shower Hijack

February 4, 2015
Image: Coppafeel!

Coppafeel! has been making serious waves in the media ever since founder Kris Hallenga was diagnosed with breast cancer at the ever so young age of 23.  The reason for the charity’s birth: to eradicate the misleading belief that breast cancer only affects older women, and to spread the word that familiarity with our own boobs is the way forward in combating the non discriminate disease.

Last year Coppafeel! brought boobs to the people, with billboards and magazines carrying the images of busts in all their uniqueness, and I proudly showed off my own Coppafeel! booby t shirt.  Coppafeel!’s Kris described her boobs as peachy, while words such as squidgy, doughy and firm were also quoted.

I always find personally that being in the bath or shower is the best place for checking my boobs; you’re most relaxed in the bathroom and slippery boobs are easier to feel.  It’s good to get to know what lumps and bumps are normal, so regular checks as you’re washing is a fantastic way to ease such an important routine into your life.

I Love Perfectly Peachy

Next month Coppafeel!’s latest campaign – the #ShoweHijack – takes on the yummy I Love… beauty brand by launching the limited edition Perfectly Peachy Bath & Shower Creme to remind you to give those boobies a check over when you next hop in the shower.

Sounds like the perfect excuse to get all fruity with a delectable bath treat while supporting such an important, fabulous cause.

I Love Perfectly Peachy_back


I Love… Perfectly Peachy is available at Boots from the 23rd March.

RRP £2.99



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