Panache Black Eclipse : Sophistication Reborn

January 27, 2015

When whispers surfaced of an impending Panache brand disappearance I wasn’t the only one shocked by the news that Masquerade was to be no more.  As a solid fan of the label’s refined, exotic designs, I was sincerely gutted to lose such an affable brand.

I needn’t have worried though.  Masquerade’s quality ethos has been re-birthed into the premium Panache Black.  On learning this fantastic news I was especially keen to check out the new collections.

Eclipse is the simplest and most unlikely successor from the old Masquerade, but a fresh and contemporary line that intrigued me the most.  Panache Black is all about the luxury side of lingerie, and the muted tones of Eclipse accented with luxury trimmings make this a potential mainstay of the new brand.


I tried the Eclipse collection, which comprises of a balcony style bra with soft, unpadded cups with a co-ordinating brief, sizes 30GG and 12.  Jet black bows and decorative stitching contrast against its watercolour pink palette, giving it a supremely feminine feel.  It’s pretty yet modern and unfussy.

The style and fit of Eclipse is very reminiscent of the Panache Tango balconette.  The rigid fabrication and its three section full cups combines to create a substantially supportive bra.  The softer nature of the fabric and the detailing sets the two apart of their similarities.  Intricate stitching, diamante jewels and extra special materials such as the velvet bows and ribbed ribbon straps makes Eclipse so much more sumptuous.


I love the design with its fantastic band that just stays in place and never digs in and it looks so chic and pretty.  But sadly Eclipse does bear some negative aspects.  Tango Balconette never did agree with me, and Eclipse, being similar, isn’t the best style for my close-set boobs.  It also comes up slightly small, with the central gore not laying flat (though partly attributed to my shape) and the cups don’t fully encapsulate my breast tissue at the armpit.

The most bothersome aspect, however, really has to be its squeak!  Oh. My. Goodness.  So much audible creakiness can be heard coming from the loops that meet the straps to the reverse, and after a day’s wear it’s made me crazy!


If the Tango balconette shape works for you like it does for many full bust women, I suspect you may have better luck than I did.  And I hope you do, because this lovely set is too cute to pass up.


Panache Eclipse Collection will be available to buy from February 2015

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What are your thoughts on the new Panache Black brand?

Do you think Panache Black is heading in a new direction from Masquerade?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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