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January 5, 2014

When I think of maternity lingerie, my thoughts immediately picture dowdy mail order catalogues boasting industrial size nursing bras in chintzy cotton.  I think that’s the part of motherhood that brings me out in a cold sweat, the idea that once your pregnant, that’s it, all the feminine – sexual – side of you is evaporated in the instant you don a frumpy Auntie Fanny bra.  

I’m 32 this year and more than well aware of the ticking away body clock status, so discovering modern brands who offer lingerie that look like regular intimate wear, relieves me a lot!

Cake Lingerie is an Australian brand who specialise in maternity and nursing lingerie.  When I was asked to review a collection and checked out their range I was really surprised by the gorgeous choice, and all looking like normal underwear.

Unfortunately sizes only start from a UK32 band, so I went for the 32G.  Cake go by their Aussie sizes on the website, but there is a size translator to help, and the labels in the garments show all size variants.  So, the bra I have is a UK 32G or AU 10G.  The brief is a medium.

This is the Ginger Macaroon collection – just how beautiful and delectable is the colour?!  My flash has made the colour a very bright orange but it’s more of a subdued burnt copper orange.  The fabric is a silky polyester mix giving it a lovely sheen and softness to the touch.  The top third of the bra cups is overlaid with a heavy guage lace and a crystal adornment at the central gore (and to the front of the briefs) finishes off the decadence, lending to it’s exotic style.  This is a gorgeous, luxurious feeling and looking set.

Remembering, of course, that this is primarily a maternity bra, both cups easily unclasp from a clip at the apex, providing accessibility if you’re nursing.

What I love most about this bra (after it’s insane beauty) is the fact it looks like a wired bra but is in fact a soft cup!  Okay, not a soft cup entirely, but there is flexible, gentle moulding where you’d expect a metal wire to be, so you get the support and shape of an underwired without it needing to be.  This is important because you don’t want to be wearing a strict, form fitting bra when your boobs are fluctuating.

I will point out that the 32G isn’t the best size for me, since I had to start off from a hook fastening near the end.  In this instant, I’d opt for the 30 back instead.  The central gore doesn’t sit flush against my chest but this is also down to being a non wired bra.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this on a casual day because it feels very comfy!

I know many of you prefer to wear bras without the hard metal wiring everyday, and so I would definitely recommend you check Cake Lingerie’s ranges out.  There are lots of styles to choose from, all with the fashion forward look that steers clear of looking frumpy.

Do you have a favourite brand of maternity bras?  Or do you like the soft cup style for everyday wear?  What do you think of Cake Lingerie?

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  1. Panty Buns

    January 7, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    The lace ornamentation of the Ginger Macaroon collection maternity bra and bikini panty is very pretty. Some copper orange coloured lingerie is always nice to have in one’s lingerie drawers or racks. It would be nice if Cake Lingerie carried 28 inch and 30 inch sizes as the bra might not fit quite as well on someone who had wider cleavage and a GG cup size. It looks gorgeous as modeled by you, and it’s nice that it feels comfortable in addition to the pretty appearance. It’s a lovely bra and knickers set.

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