Bedroom Athletics Carly Slipper Boots

October 13, 2015

Relaxing at the end of a long day comes into its own when the nights begin to draw in.  In just a few weeks clocks will be turned back an hour and our homes plunged into darkness earlier – it’s time to hunker down and hibernate!

Bedroom Athletics is one of my favourite brands for snuggly loungewear that’s cosy and on trend.  They’ve just released their Autumn range and I was keen to get my tootsies into a new pair for the cooler season.


I still have a thing for floral prints so I was smitten by the sight of the new Carly Denim Slipper Boots.  A 2-in-1 ankle and calf boot, these furry foot beasts are pretty but fierce.

As it gets colder I end up wearing thick boot socks with my slippers, so I thought this time I’d try going up a size to the 7-8 in the hope of a roomier fit.  (I’ll tell you now, I really needn’t have, it just means they’re extra big!)


The Carly boot features a gorgeous shabby chic floral pattern on a tie-dye effect cotton denim upper.  Branding labels are sewn into the back seam stitching, and they come with the choice of two colourways, blue or black, and I chose the latter for a more striking look.  The boot is fully lined with a dense woolly fleece with hairy fur half way, that, when rolled over, creates a cute furry cuffed ankle boot.

They’re really well made booties.  While the denim cotton isn’t a heavy twill, it’s still a tough fabric that seems to take a lot of crap!  I’ve worn my pair for a few weeks now and I hate to take them off my feet; you wouldn’t believe I wear them so much.


An aspect I love about these slippers is that they feature a solid sole with a light tread, like my last Bedroom Athletics slippers, which is something so many slippers these days tend not to have.

I just love these slippers, they’re so comfy and warm.  I like how I have the ability to tailor the look according to how cosy I want to feel.  Most often they’re rolled down but when I want to really up the cosy factor I’ll roll them up for a high snuggly boot.

If you like your feet to indulge in the ultimate comfort then you’ll totally love the Carly boots.  They’re not the cheapest slipper you can buy but for the quality they’re worth paying the extra.

**Bedroom Athletics gifted me the Carly Slipper Boots, £25**

Do you love your slippers?  Are booties your style or do you prefer a more traditional slipper?  I’d love to hear what you think about cosy footwear.

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