Valentines Fragrance & Free Gift Offer

January 31, 2014

I have a few weaknesses: quality designer bags, watches and fragrance (oh, and lingerie!)  As much as I am a bargain queen there are some things in life that aren’t worth skimping on, and where perfume’s concerned I’ve always found it to be a fact.  Body sprays and many low priced eau de toilettes just don’t have staying power, whereas a premium scent can last years as you don’t need to drench yourself to smell the fragrance.

Perfume is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift; it will always be a luxurious treat with timeless appeal.  It’s not the type of purchase you want to get wrong, though.  I still have haunting memories of a hideous perfume I was given as a teen.  Bless him, he probably meant well, but my goodness was it something his mother likely wore!

The London Perfume Company are running a special offer on some of their most popular romantic perfume and bodycare ranges: if you make a purchase from the ‘Lover’s Corner’ page you can choose a free gift of a cute Giorgio Beverly Hills teddy or a gorgeous pink crystal set solid perfume heart (remember to add them into your basket.)  You’ll also receive in your order some Love Hearts sweets and a gift tag, ready for you to prepare and gift to your special lady.  (The bargainista is me woops in delight!)

Here’s my advice when selecting perfume:


Sparkling fruity or floral notes are easy daytime scents to wear, but some can be too sickly sweet.  If you’re not sure what your beau prefers, stick to eau de toilette (EDT) which tends to be the more lighter, delicate daytime perfumes, whilst eau de parfum (EDP) or more potent parfum, is usually a deeper scent, with many collections including a stronger night version of a perfume too.
My Favourites Light Scents:
Boss Orange, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Ralph Lauren Romance and Boss Femme

Deeper musky, woody scents are probably my favourite depth of perfume.  With base notes often featuring vanilla, amber and similar warm aromas.  They’re typically more dark and mysterious and best suited to evening wear or during the colder months.

My favourite Dark Scents:
Thierry Mugler Alien, Armani Code and Ghost Deep Night



With my birthday coming up as well as Valentines Day I’ve already been sampling testers of what perfume I’d like next.  I’ve decided I must have Paul Smith Rose and I’d quite like an old favourite again: Cerruti 1881.  Here’s hoping the gifting fairies are on the job!

What are your preferences in perfume?  Do you break the rules and wear whatever scent you feel like, whatever the time of day?  Do you have a collection of favourite perfumes?  What perfume would you most like to try next?

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  1. sana ali

    February 4, 2014 at 11:48 am

    this sounds pretty. I’ve ne’er tried the perfumes from Philosophy, however can have to be compelled to provide them a sniff now! x

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