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February 3, 2014
Knickers often get the raw end of the deal where lingerie is concerned.  Whilst we may be quite happy to splurge on a pretty bra, if you’re anything like me you’re guilty of popping the 3 for £10 brief deals in your basket or opting for the plain and safe knicker multipack.  So there’s my lingerie faux pas cards on the table.  I’m a Marks ‘n’ Sparks bestie.

I’ve always been massively nit picky about my clothes and whilst I’m not as bad as I were as a kid, I’m still super fussy about what I wear on my butt.  So much so, I would say knickers are probably one of my biggest bug bears.   Fabric cut to a marginal slither that insists on riding up into the unknown giving an irritating wedgie.  Everyday knickers must be comfy and forgettable, I hate to say it so bluntly.

So all my knicker thinking culminated recently to the point I decided I would give French knickers a go.  I admit, I’m kinda surprised myself I’m taking on such a project, since French knickers – or ‘tap pants’ – are the most girly whirly pants ever created, and the polar opposite to your typical cotton and-a-bit-of-elastic brief.

Taking on my new homework with a fierce determination I was surprised by how difficult it is to actually find a pair of French knickers.  It transpired that this isn’t your usual underpant of choice and it required a little delving to come up with the goods.  And good they are!  I found a variety of styles to suit most tastes, from the biggest names, luxury labels and ‘made with love’ artisans.

Gossard ‘Flower Rush’ French Knicker

This is the knicker I’m wearing in the photo above, which the peeps at Gossard kindly sent me.  These are super slinky with the freshest floral print trimmed with deep lace at the hem.  Comfy knickers I’d even wear for bed!

Tutti Rouge ‘Frankie’ French Knicker
at Large Cup Lingerie
A vintage polka dot design with a cute frilly waistband.  Absolutely adorable!

Something Wicked ‘Sophia’ High Waist French Knicker
A more refined knicker, these are super stylish with ample coverage on the tummy.  The soft barely pink accented with black binding and a bow give this an effortlessly chic look.

Myla ‘Isabella’ French Knicker
Silky satin and delicate lace combines with hot, juicy pink for a youthful and on trend look.  I adore the vibrancy of the colour.

Miss Crofton ‘Audrey’ French Style Knickers
 at Esty Lingerie

Sensual sheer vintage style lace make these knickers the sexiest of the lot.  A beautiful look for boudoir style and breathable too.  (I have these on order so will be reviewing soon!)

The Giving Bride ‘Betty’ Knicker

This is a sneak peek into The Giving Bride’s next collection: beautiful shell pink silk trimmed with the super luxe art deco style black lace.  How exquisite?!

What are your thoughts on wearing French style knickers?  Do you think they’re a must have item in the lingerista’s underwear drawer?  Have you seen any stunning French knickers I’ve not seen?  Please, do share!

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