Thrifty Living – 30 Ways To Save £1

April 27, 2013

It’s the great British £1 coin’s 30th birthday and to commemorate Money Supermarket asked for ‘30 Ways to Save £1‘.  As much as I love spending, I live for saving.   My bargain obsessed brain had a free work out thinking of this little lot to hopefully save you pounds!  

From beauty buying to keeping up with the trends, here’s a range of thrifty tips and all the savvy techniques you’ll ever need to save you loads of cash:

1.  Before buying anything online first look for discount codes.  They can save you huge amounts including 10% off, 20% off and even free delivery.

2.  Make sure you’re the first to know about exclusive offers from your favourite shops and brands by subscribing to newsletters and following social media accounts.

3.  Sign up for loyalty cards – and remember to use them each time you shop – not only are they free, you quickly accumulate points worth real money to spend.

4.  Don’t be store loyal.  Always price-check rival shops so you don’t miss deals and pay the best price.  You’d be surprised by the difference in prices.

5.  Most shops have sale or clearance sections; make a point of checking these areas first to snap up a bargain.

6.  If you’re looking to buy a specific item it’s worth browsing online auction sites where savings on used, reconditioned or brand new items can be huge.

7.  When sending post don’t assume the Post Office is the only and cheapest way.  Compare against couriers online and send with the best value.

8.  Keep up to date with current trends and celebrity stories by reading your favourite magazine’s website and save pounds on buying the magazine!

9.  Shop with friends.  If a product you both want is on a multi-buy offer or buy 1 get 1 free, split the cost by paying together.

10.  Make up products have a quick turn around and last season’s must have can be found in discount shops at slashed RRP prices.

11.  Keep an eye out for competitions and enter those that you really want.  If you win them, you save on the cost having to buy them!

12.  Going to see a movie?  The day and time you go to the cinema can cost you pounds or save you as much.  Look for discounted days and go earlier in the day for off peak tariffs.

13.  There’s no need to purchase expensive eyebrow taming gels.  Instead, buy a low price clear mascara, they’re cheap, conditioning and do the job.

14.  When going on holiday don’t buy expensive mini bottles of shampoo and body wash.  Keep sample sachets and free trial size products aside to take with you instead.

15.  Like a designer garment but not the price tag?  Check out the high street for quality, catwalk inspired trends.

16.  A few drops of fragrant essential oil into a bottle of distilled water makes excellent – and cheap – laundry water.

17.  Pick wild fruit and forage natural edible plants and flowers to make gorgeous, free infusion drinks and puddings.

18.  Always write a list when shopping and stick to it, it keeps you focussed on what you really need which can (help) avoid temptation.

19.  If you still love your dress but hate the colour, dye it.  It’s cheaper than buying another.

20.  Don’t waste your money on costly gym membership, instead find something you enjoy doing that you can do in your own home or garden.

21.  Ditch the razor and invest in an epilator, it’ll last you years and quickly pays for itself.

22.  When trying on bras, make sure it’s firmest on the first hook; as it wears move along the hooks until the last one.  It’ll last much longer.

23.  If you resist the launch of a new product and purchase it a few months later you can often save half the price.

24.  Buy products from an independent over a chain store, they are often the cheapest prices while some are happy to do deals and price match.

25.  When trying out products at the premium beauty counters ask about samples to try at home to be sure a product is right for you before buying.

26.  Before spending on pricey furniture check out free recycling websites to see if someone is getting rid of what you could make use of.

27. Keep wallpaper and paint samples – they come in handy for crafty projects such as card making.

28.  Provide your small animals with cheap and fun toys using empty toilet rolls, cardboard boxes and paper shopping bags.

29.  Keep an eye on magazine cover gifts; free tubes of hand cream and pots of nail polish save you buying new ones.

30.  Don’t throw away your loose pennies – they soon turn into pounds!

I’d love to know if you live by any money saving mantras.  Know some good tips I’ve not mentioned?

Becky x

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