Things Girls With Big Boobs CAN Do

August 1, 2015

Women with big boobs are constantly being told what we can’t do.  Not only is it frustrating to be put into a box and labelled, it isn’t socially responsible or fair when that judgement is plain wrong.

How many times have you read this type of post: 15 Things Only Girls With Big Boobs Understand and 28 Things That People With Big Boobs Can’t Do?  These types of posts claim to allow busty women to come together in their commonality, when all they do is validate insecurities and tell us how unlucky we are to be ‘gifted’ with big boobs.

As one such fuller busted woman I contest these statements as nonsense.  While exercise can bring up it’s own hurdles, there are ways and means a big boobed gal can have an intense work out.  Most of the time all you need is a proper fitting bra; the rest of the time everyone can suck it up and watch.


 Yes, You Can Run With A Rack!

Panache Sport Bra

1.  You can go for a run.
Sports bras do exist in big sizes and tons look really funky.


2.  You can jump.  
Sports bras are designed to minimise movement.  Get well fitted and you’re secure.


3.  You can wear a low cut top.  
Oh no, cleavage!  You look so pornographic!  (Purlease)


4.  You can go swimming.  
Swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis come in a plethora of big cup sizes so they fit to cover all your bits.


Curvy Kate’s Ocean Drive bikini

5.  You can wear cute/pretty/sexy bras.
Come on, you read my blog!  You can get some seriously gorgeous bra styles.


6.  You can wear a strapless bra. 
There are now some amazing strapless bras that do work.  Looking at you, Curvy Kate Luxe.


7.  You can wear nice clothes that fit.  
You need to check out the likes of Pepperberry, Biu Biu and Bitter Lollipop.


8. You can go braless.  
Your choice.  Personally you can’t beat the swinging free feeling at bedtime.



Anything not on this list that should be?  Add them below!




  1. MaliceSkyy

    August 1, 2015 at 9:22 am

    where do you get your pretty big boob bras?!?

    1. Cari

      August 1, 2015 at 4:25 pm

      I personally like and, but some stores like Nordstroms carry large ranges in stock.

  2. ashleigh

    August 1, 2015 at 10:50 am

    It’s just me that can’t then I looked everywhere for a 36 kk sportsbra no luck I’ve looked everywhere for sexy underwear no luck I’m 25 and like to wear nice stuff

    1. anjaeverydayboudoir

      August 4, 2015 at 9:11 pm

      Hi Ashleigh,
      I totally understand that you like to wear nice stuff!
      Do you have the opportunity to try the “Kate” Sports Bra from German brand Ulla somewhere? It comes with or without wires. I know the wireless version and it’s simply amazing! Should you order it online you should try a bigger band size, too, because the band runs very small/ tight. It goes up to German N-Cup, which is a UK JJ-Cup. But the cups run pretty big, so a 38JJ might work for you. Fingers crossed!
      Greetings from Berlin,

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