Start at the Foundation – Make up and Lingerie

July 12, 2012

Foundation is at the heart of every good make up bag.  We strive for the best shade match and perfect coverage to smooth and correct our skin so we can then build up on with whatever look we want to achieve for the day.  Sultry vamp or English rose, once we’ve applied the best foundation the make up world is our oyster.

Cute Cath Kidston Cosmetic Bag

In recent years the beauty industry has let us in on its little secrets, such as the use of a skin primer which is applied right before you glide on any foundation.  The reason for this is because the better we correct our skin and prepare it for it’s base (much like painting a wall over a primed surface), the better our foundation will perform and look.
The very same principle applies to our clothing too.  Putting together a fabulous outfit is nothing if the foundation of the clothing is not right.  Wear the right underwear for your clothing, and your outfit will look priceless (even if it only came from Primark.)  Wear the wrong underwear and an expensive outfit will look horrendous.
So looking at the foundation of your make up or clothing, think ‘unobtrusive, corrective and complimentary.’


Basic colours are your best bet if you don’t want bra show-through.  A bra in a colour similar to your skin tone most achieves the ‘barely there’ look.  Nudes, honeys, caramels and chocolates are good base colours.  White and black bras are also handy, depending on the colour of your top.  Again, choose knickers in skin colour and the colour won’t show through clothing.

Freya’s Smooth Cup Deco Bra

smooth line bra with limited fancy detail and stitching is necessary for a streamlined silhouette beneath a close fitting top.  Avoid bright colours and lace if you don’t want to draw attention to your bra.  Seamfree knickers, thongs and high waist briefs avoid the dreaded VPL.

Ultimo’s Multiway Bra

Wearing a backless dress?  A plunging neckline top?  A daring strapless?  Bras come in a variety of wearability options.  A basic strapped bra does the job for most sleeved items of clothing, even vest tops and choose a push up style for the perfect cleavage boost.  Where the straps and back of a bra will show, a multiway or bra with removable straps provide flexibility and freedom with choosing how to wear your bra according to the needs of your wardrobe.

Make Up 

The basic primers are going to be translucent gels or creams that will provide a smooth surface for your colour foundation to be applied.  They want to be non sticky and non greasy.

L’oreal Paris’ Studio Secrets Primer

Problem skin can be corrected by way of coloured creams; purple for sluggish skin, green for flushed skin.  Combination and oily skin benefit from mattifying benefits with oil free and non clogging ingredients.  For dry areas, moisturising and skin quenching properties can help soothe and calm your face so your foundation will apply more evenly.

One of Boots No7’s Colour Calming Primers

Once you’ve prepped the skin, a good foundation that matches both your skin type and colour is imperative.  It’s also handy to know your skin tone.  Cool skin types suit pink under tone foundations, where as warm skin tones better suit yellow under toned foundations. 
So make up and clothing, although different mediums, still follow the same rules.  An excellent foundation makes a more glowing and confident YOU!
Do you abide by a fail-safe regime for perfect foundation?  Have a favourite primer or perfect shirt bra?
Becky x


  1. contrary kiwi

    July 13, 2012 at 6:18 am

    Well, I can certainly say I disagree with you about the makeup! I’ve only worn foundation once in my life and I have no intention of repeating the experience. I do understand the principle though 😛

    I had to change from a nude to a black bra last night for wear under my black top, because when I took photos you could see the nude bra through the top’s material. It looked like I wasn’t wearing a bra, actually!

    I struggle the most with tops that require halter neck or strapless bras. I haven’t found a strapless that fits me (and I hate how low they sit anyway :/) and I loathe halternecks, so sometimes I decide to just wear a pretty bra and have the straps show instead.

  2. Cavy.girl

    July 13, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    Hey Contrary 🙂

    Do you not like foundation then? I quite like it but to be honest you really have to make sure you’ve got the right type and shade. I’m extremely pale so finding the right one is a nightmare. Some foundations are heavier and thicker than others too. I like the feel of lighter ones. I’m using Bourjois Healthy Mix at the moment and not only does it smell delicious (it has fruit extracts) but it feels really comfortable too, in the way face cream does. I know it’s something not every one likes the feeling of though. My sisters and mum don’t wear it either.

    It’s hit or miss with bra colours, sometimes a nude works and other times you’re best sticking with a white or black. I don’t mind showing straps off, and I love colourful straps. If it’s a smart do though I don’t like to show them off. Feel the same about strapless for bigger busts especially. They do tend to feel low down.

    Becky x

  3. contrary kiwi

    July 13, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    I have never tried to find the right type and shade and I have no idea about how foundation feels. I don’t wear it for the same reason I don’t wear shapewear: my face and body don’t need them (nobody’s do, in my opinion) and I don’t want them. I am happy to show an unsmooth face and an unsmooth body to the world, because I am happy with having them. But please don’t think that’s a comment on you; what works for me doesn’t have to be what works for others.

    On the topic of strapless bras, if you get your hands on any I’d looove to see a review. I can’t get a good strapless in NZ so I’m thinking of ordering overseas and I want to be fully researched first! 🙂

  4. Cavy.girl

    July 14, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Yeah definitely! I think finding a good strapless will be one of those hard to please areas. I would love to find just one that doesn’t feel like every other I’ve tried, ie. one that doesn’t sit so far down your belly and doesn’t feel strange without the straps. I’ve also never been hugely keen on the rubber bits you get on the underband that help it to grip to your body.

    Fair does about the foundation. I don’t always wear it, sometimes I don’t feel like it, other times I enjoy putting it on. I hate spots though, I don’t get so many but even one annoys me so it has to get concealed. lol

    Becky x

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