Glamorous Countryside Fashion – New Photos!

July 15, 2012

I was so pleased to wake up to the sun shining today because it meant brilliant weather for an outdoor summery shoot.  Yes, you heard right, after all the heavy rain and Autumnal like weather here in the UK, the sun finally realised it should be shining in July.  Blink and you’ll miss it though, which is why when the weather’s great you seize it with both hands.  My marvellously photographically talented – and very convenient – Other Half, Sean J Connolly Photography, agreed a shoot was a great idea so that’s exactly what we did today.

Living in the heart of the countryside there are ample interesting locations to strike a pose and shoot and so we headed literally a mile up the road from our house to a wheat field and got right into it.

I wanted to wear my peacock feather inspired maxi dress because it’s vibrancy was a colourful splash set against the cool tones of the crops.  There was a frisky breeze in the air which created a swath of movement through my dress and played with my tousled hair.

I love shoots out in the open and the feeling of being so close with nature.  The sun was warm and dazzling while the light wind felt refreshing with every twisting blow.  It felt amazing against my skin.
We jumped in the car and headed back past our house up to the next hamlet where the sister church to the church opposite our house resides.  It’s such a pretty and unspoiled beauty spot, with a little bridge over a trickling, glistening brook that winds its way through a field of grazing cows.  We spend a little time down by the river where two riders on horses came along and trotted down into the sparkling waters.  I was wishing they’d ask if I wanted a photo with one of the gorgeous horses, or better still, sit on one!  Needless to say the horses were taken back up into the field and away and Sean and I decided to move on.
Having a wander through the graveyard (I have my clothes on again, by the way!  lol) we came across some wonderful old doorways round the back of the church.  They were both aging wooden doors, painted white with cobwebs and blown leaves tucked into its corners.  I loved the larger door with it’s imposing black wrought iron hinges and details and thought how pretty the shabby, humble doorways looked.
I love my peacock dress, it’s such a light and airy fabric and gorgeous to wear in the warm weather.  I wish it was bigger in the bust though and I find I wish that a lot with clothing these days.  Fashionable dresses on the high street don’t really cater for the larger bust.  Does anyone know of a trendy brand that sells fashionable clothing like this dress?
For those who are interested in the make up side, my brilliant, highly pigmented pearlescent green eye shadow is from the amazing MUA range at Superdrug and is a bargain price of only ยฃ1!  As much as I live for a bargain, I’m a stickler for quality too, and I adore and totally recommend MUA’s eye shadows.
Becky x

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