Spring Fashion Lust List

March 31, 2014
1.Fedora Hat – Dorothy Perkins £9.50 
2.Kiki Canvas Boots – Blonde & Blonde £25
3.Skater Coat with Zip Front – ASOS £75
4.Floral Crop Tee (Petites) – Miss Selfridge £14
5.Lola Non Padded Bra – Gossard £32

The clocks have gone forward and it’s April the 1st – Spring is here!  This is my most favourite time of the year, when flowers are in full bloom on every verge and patch of grass, blossom paints trees not yet budded with foliage and the longer days of sunlight are soul reviving like a solar panel battery charger.  I’m glad to shake off the Winter cobwebs along with last season’s coat so now’s the time to really embrace that Spring wardrobe.

Florals see yet another season, this time returning to the lighter shades and reflecting a more botanical look.  Pastels continue to shine but lingerie sees a more vibrant overhaul with bright popping colours of coral, zesty yellow and pretty florals.

This season is fresh, vibrant and ready to inject life back into your outfits.


I want – need – all five of my current fashion must haves. What do you think of them?  Are you fashion ready for Spring?


  1. Panty Buns

    April 4, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    The lingerie season forecast of a “vibrant overhaul with bright popping colours of coral, zesty yellow and pretty florals” sounds delightful! I love every fashion outfit piece in your lust list, and in fact I think they would make a fabulous Spring outfit worn together. The inclusion of a pretty pair of full coverage knickers to the outfit would be nice. The colours of the outfit coordinate beautifully. The Dorothy Perkins Fedora Hat and Kiki Canvas Boots are both pretty and practical for being out and about. The pink Gossard Lola Non-Padded Bra bra is gorgeous and I’m sure it would look even lovelier being showcased by you. It would seem a shame to cover it up, but the Miss Selfridge Floral Crop Top is lovely as well. That Asos Skater Coat with zip front is beautiful! It’s one of the prettiest coats I’ve seen. I love the colour and the shape. I can imagine you wearing it and the entire outfit on High Street. If it got warm and you could ever bring yourself to unzip your Asos Skater Coat and let someone hold it for you, the rest of your outfit would be fabulous for a mini-flash event – just don’t forget to include those knickers I mentioned. I love all five of your fashion must haves. I am not fashion ready for spring but am hopeful!

  2. Panty Buns

    April 6, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    You have excellent fashion taste. I love every one of the outfit pieces in your Spring Fashion Lust List. That Asos Skater Coat with zip front is a beauty.

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