Skintone Bras – The Essential Nude

September 6, 2012

Colourful bras are all well and good but sometimes you don’t want your bra to steal your fashion limelight.  Whether wearing a little black dress or your favourite simple white tee, it’s nice to have a bra on standby that’ll disappear beneath your clothing.

Skintone bras in nude shades are an essential option for many bra wearers of all bust sizes and many brands offer a multitude of additional benefits such as multiway, strapless and seamfree styling.

Ewa Michalak are still a new indulgence for me but already they’ve wowed me with their incredible superiority in design and manufacture.  Usually brands can be limited in their collections and tend to stick to the same style vein season after season.  Ewa Michalak is a breath of fresh air with their vast choice of styles, colours and sizes; quite the lingerie sweetshop!

I tried out the PL Toffik.  I’d previously ordered it a month or so ago (when I incorrectly ordered the 65GG) but needed to exchange the size for something bigger, however the replacement bra I received looked different to the first one I was sent.  Looking at the website I found there are two different looking PL Toffiks which is a little confusing.  From what I can see, the first one I had is labeled as a toffee colour where the one I have now is classed as caramel.

The PL Toffik in toffee is a three section cup in smooth fabric.  It’s edged with delicate lace along the tops of the cups, adorned with intricately stitched straps and finished off with a centre bow.  It was a very easy bra to wear and was effortless under clothing.  It wasn’t seamfree but as close as you’d get.  The band was too tight for me, and the cups a fraction too small, so I returned it for another size.

PL Toffik – Toffee

My exchange replacement is quite visually different.  It is actually extremely similar to the CH Karmelki.  The cups aren’t smooth in the same sense but overlaid with feint diamond embroidery and there are three centre oval buttons as opposed to the previous bow.  The colours of both the Toffiks are similar and which I found a bit too dark but I personally preferred the shade of the ‘toffee’ Toffik.  I also preferred the plain styling for a smoother finish.

I had the second Toffik replaced as a 70H which again wasn’t the best size for me.  My fault again!  I now know that 70GG will be spot on for me.

Both versions of the PL Toffik are gorgeous and very well made and I like the way there are slightly differing ideas of nude on the website which gives the buyer a bit more option.  They also come with removable pads which can be kept in or removed if you want extra va va voom or help with evening out different sized boobs.

Another plunge skintone bra is the nude Freya Deco which I tried in a 28GG from Lingerie Heaven.  The Deco is a favourite bra to many, but why?

Deco is a fabulous, well fitting bra that offers real support.  It’s also a really good seamfree style because of it’s moulded cups which means you don’t get any show through of stitching and cup sectioning that normal bras can do.  Another reason why I love wearing the Deco is because it’s a plunge which is extremely flattering for me.  Oh yes, and you can get them in a 28 back now, too!

I love the Freya’s nude colourway as it’s light and unobtrusive.  It does actually disappear when I put a white t shirt on, which is what it’s all about for me.  Both the colour and completely smooth cups are a winner with me and will be a wardrobe staple of mine from now on.

Have you tried other brands of skintone bras?  How do you think they compare and which would you say is the best?

Becky x

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