AW Freya Deco Hatty – More for the 28s!

September 7, 2012

Earlier in the summer Freya finally released the infamous Deco in a 28 back, much to the delight of many, myself included.  My first foray into the Deco family began with the pretty sorbet pink Ashlee, when as much as I adored it, I knew I needed a 28 back.  Being able to get my hands on a 28GG Deco has been a godsend, so if you’re smaller backed and you’ve not yet experienced the Deco, now is the time to try.

This month saw the arrival of the cool and crisp Deco Hatty.  Hatty landed on my doorstep this week which was a lovely surprise to receive from the very friendly Lingerie Heaven.  A smart and sexy design for the autumn, Hatty is a more refined Deco with its gentle pinstripe print and centre double button detail.  The straps of Hatty are more luxurious than the Deco’s heavily embroidered straps; Hatty’s are smooth and silky which add sleekness to the overall smooth line of the bra.  The colour is a very light, icy aqua green which looks striking against the jet black stitching.

It reminds me of a bracing fresh glacier mint!

I’m not the only one to have noticed the arrival of Hatty.  This gorgeous bra made it onto the page of Glam Happenings of Glamour magazine’s September issue.

What I love about the Deco family is how the plunge style really suits my bust.  Having close set boobs, the low centre gore sits nicely in place.  It’s not too low though, not like many plunge bras can be, so if you prefer a higher cut more like a half cup you’ll be happy with this one.

Hatty has the same smooth line foam cups as the original Deco so aside from the different straps and pattern, this is still a trusty Deco.  A plunging, uplifting t shirt bra for the bigger boobed all rolled into one.

Wearing the Hatty, I’m pretty sure it fitted even better than my usual Decos.  I love wearing the Deco but I can get a very, very slight gape.  With Hatty I didn’t get this.  The cups filled and fitted well instantly and remained that way, which was great.  I didn’t roll out at all either, so I wouldn’t say that the cups are any smaller.

Hatty has only just been released for sale and you can buy it at Lingerie Heaven with the benefit of a lower than RRP price.  Also don’t forget your loyalty points you’ll be earning too!

Becky x

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