Hear Me Roar: Freya Rumble Bikini

May 21, 2016

Over the last year lingerie and swimwear have steadily been tapping into the botanical trend, seeing this season’s prints more dramatic than ever.  Whether tropical scenery or English florals, the bikinis of Summer ’16 are set to be the feistiest yet.

If it weren’t for Katy Perry taking on the tiger in the jungle, we’d be stuck with Tarzan in his loincloth.  Thankfully we can rely on gorgeous swimwear like this sweet two piece for expressing complete femininity and exotic beauty.  The totally roarsome (sorry!) new swimwear line by Freya, Rumble is every inch the femme fatale of the jungle.


There’s something refreshingly different about a bikini printed with plants, and it’s no less invigorating to wear than it is to look at.  An abundance of vibrant lilac flowers pierce the tonal greenery of a succulent rainforest, while hints of leopard print stalk the boundary.

The bikini I’m reviewing was sent to me by Freya, and includes the Plunging Bikini Top (30H) and Hipster Brief (large) which is based upon a popular Freya shape, seen in the similar collection I own, Fever.


The bikini top features a plunging neckline, cup underwiring and is widely available from a D-HH.  Despite being a daringly deep cut, it offers a high level of coverage and is ultra supportive.  The wide straps lend much to the reliable fit, providing a comfort that’s not typical of a bikini top, let alone full bust bikini.  Even my previous much loved favourite, Fever, has slimmer straps than Rumble, making the latter a much improved style.

Like many bikinis, Rumble closes on a snap fastener, which doesn’t allow space for adjustment or wear, but does perform better than a tie back.  It’s a fairly narrow back too, maintaining a sleek look to the reverse.

freya_rumble_me1 (1)

freya_rumble_me3 (1)

The 30H is a really good fit on me, but thanks to the stretchy nature of the fabric, I could have got away with a 30GG quite happily.  That’s one good thing about bikini material like Rumble’s, because it’s soft and pliable you have a decent amount of give that can help tops fit more tailored to your body.

If you’re not usually drawn toward plunge bikinis, I wouldn’t rule Rumble out.  It may be a plunging style but it’s not especially so.  The centre gore on my 30H is fairly high and does feel closer to being a full cup.  It seems to be the best of both worlds; a lovely flattering cut while being super supportive (and something I’m not going to fall out of!)


The hipster brief is a fantastic shape that I find so wearable.  If I’m on the beach I don’t want to be fishing fabric out of places it’s not welcome, and this style stays put and functions as I want it to.

The brief is a pretty simple bikini style; low on the tummy, medium cut on the leg, with generous butt coverage.  Its design is the same botanical print all over the brief, front and back, and has the same clean lines.  One style feature it does boast however is a front tie detail which is just for looks.  It doesn’t tie around you, but it adds to the aesthetic.

The large size is a perfect fit on me (I usually go for UK 14 size) and it feels comfy to wear.

freya_rumble_me2 (1)

The Freya Rumble bikini is going to be a much loved addition to my swim wardrobe; it fits comfortably and suits my body shape well.  It also looks pretty fantastic too!  There’s something about the colour green that I find just so calming and energising at the same time, so it will be a perfect scheme for me to don whether I’m on the beach or sunbathing in the back garden.

What do you think of the botanical trend?  Would you wear it on your swimwear or do you prefer it on your lingerie?  How do you like your swimwear to look?  I’d love to hear!


  1. Alicia

    May 21, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Those wider straps are glorious to see! I wear Freya plunge bikini tops as bras occasionally – because their shape is 100 times better on me than their balcony style, and I appreciate the comfy stretch factor – but their thin straps were a huge minus. So this is great news.

  2. Emma

    May 24, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    This bikini looks great! I adore the leafy background but I cannot stand animal prints – even though this one is reasonably subtle I just can’t do it! I’m annoyed at myself cos the overall design is gorgeous but I know I can’t get past my print phobia! 🙂 the bottoms too are really nice.

    1. Becky Connolly

      June 26, 2016 at 5:38 pm

      Hi Emma, glad you like the bikini! I completely understand what you mean, and when you really don’t like a certain pattern there’s just no getting past it. I’ll have to keep an eye out for something similar without the animal print.

      Becky x

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