Shabby Chic Bedside Table For Under £10

March 16, 2014

Ikea get a bad rap for their innovative but heavily design led products.  Fair enough, not everyone appreciates the sight of a moulded plastic seat, and flat pack furniture that takes a whole afternoon plus to count out all the parts and screws (and that’s before you’ve begun to fumble it together) isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.  But, if you’ve written off visiting the Swedish giant because of a previous purchase nightmare, you’re missing out on a trick.

Recently I was looking for something different to have by the side of my bed, and you can’t really beat this dinky little table that I found in Ikea.

Say hi to £7 NESNA.  Yes, I did just say it cost only 7 quid!

When I first brought my little table home I did just use it as is for a few weeks.  It’s smart enough, especially as the top is actually glass.  It wasn’t exactly the look I had in mind though so I decided to keep an open eye in the shops for improvement ideas.

I spotted printed self adhesive paper in Home Bargains for 89p a roll, and I found a cute ditsy floral print on a white background.  After three coats of white gloss paint all over I cut to size and applied a few layers of the paper onto the glass surface.  

And voila!  

My shabby chic bedside table was now complete.  For under a tenner, I’m pleased with my little table and, whilst I’m not the best DIYer by any stretch of the imagination (just don’t look too hard at my paintwork), I do feel rather accomplished!

Did you see the 99p eBay chair I did up? 


Have you completed any home projects lately?  Maybe you’re into revamping old furniture?  Or are you not so hands on or daunted by DIY?

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