Review | Little Minx Butterfly Blush Suspender Brief

March 16, 2014
I wasn’t aware of Little Minx until I modelled for Hepburn and Leigh this year.  They’re an Australian lingerie brand that launched only six years ago who today are stocked worldwide by boutiques dedicated to providing quality product and most importantly – amazing design.

The House of Seduction sent me a gift last month for my birthday which I thought was so thoughtful of them.  When I received this gorgeous Little Minx Butterfly Blush brief I was genuinely elated.  I’m fervently in love of suspender knickers and the soft lace of this beauty is ridiculously stunning.

I always wear a size 12 in a bottom, which these briefs are, and I’ve found these to be quite on the small size.  (I staunchly insist it’s this and not the fact my butt has ballooned.)  Well, you can tell it’s a little too figure hugging on me so to avoid my less svelte, more chunky silhouette I think a 14 would be more comfortable and flattering.  Thought: could this be the AUS sizing?

Wearing with: Playful Promises Peacock Longline Bra
 & Kiss Me Deadly Violet Opaque Seamed Stockings
Constructed entirely of lace with the addition of a light beige coloured front panel, these knickers are supremely sexy, functional and well, sexy.  I adore them (you can probably guess).  Now here’s a shot of my butt, to reward you for reading this far or spoil your supper, I’ll let you decide.

Thank you THOS for my truly beautiful birthday pressie!


  1. Panty Buns

    March 16, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    I love the detail of the lace and ornamentation on the Little Minx Butterfly Blush Suspender Brief. That appears to be a tiny little padlock detail at the front of the waistband of the knickers? Your bum looks fabulous in these suspender briefs! I’m amazed at how beautiful they look from behind – the back view is a real treat! I would have never guessed that they would look so pretty from the rear. The Little Minx Butterfly Blush Suspender Brief looks gorgeous on you. It’s nice to know they feel soft as well.

  2. lilytwigg

    April 12, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    I just bought these in the high waisted version – and to answer your question, here in Australia it seems our knicker sizes are very small, probably verging on about 2 whole sizes smaller than UK knickers. I had to purchase a size small in a pair of Parfait knickers, but usually wear a size 14 or even 16 in Australian brands.

  3. Cheshire Panties

    April 7, 2015 at 8:30 am

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