Review – Curvy Kate: Fit For A Princess?

February 3, 2013

I hadn’t tried a Curvy Kate bra for a while, with the last design I bought being the Criss-cross, which didn’t work out for me.  I’ve always had my eye on the brand though because there’s always something new to catch your eye, whether a fresh new collection or just another yummy range of colours.

I’ve long wanted to give another style a go so when I saw recently that Brastop was having a January sale I decided it would be the perfect time to try Curvy Kate out again.  With quite a few collections and colour ways to choose from it took me a while to decide which bra to go for.  The only bit that had me stumped was the sizing which I’d heard was a case of trial and error.  I loved the look of Princess thanks to it’s girly velvet polka dot design but having heard funny stories about the cups I decided to jump right in and order a 28HH, a cup larger than I usually wear.  This is a past season colour in wine which is just a gorgeous, deep fruity shade.

I was so excited for the delivery of my bra and thankfully it didn’t take long at all: only a matter of a few days!  When I opened up the parcel I knew Princess was a beauty.  It’s light and unpadded with delicate detailing and sheer mesh panels.  I couldn’t wait to try it on.

The fit is both good and better than expected in certain areas, but also truly disappointing.  The 28 band was a perfect fit, tight but not silly tight.  The back fastener was a 3 way hook and eye with a deep band so really well designed for support.  I adjusted the straps to a comfortable length and didn’t find the half adjustable straps a problem; the length was plenty sufficient for me.  Once my fit was sorted I was able to figure out what the bra both looked and felt like and this was where it all went to pot for me.

Curvy Kate Princess in 28HH

The first negative I recognised immediately was the breadth of the straps; they were way too far apart, so much so they were slipping right off my shoulders.  This in turn meant the cups cut too deep around my underarm allowing me no room for movement.  It was really uncomfortable.  It seemed this bra wasn’t designed with slight frames or sloping shoulders in mind.

The too far apart straps and cutting in

The cups were also not agreeable.  My left boob is the bigger of the two and felt perfectly okay within the cup, but my other side was swamped with visible unfilled fabric beneath my boob and to the side.
Considering this, I would be tempted to try the 28H although I’d worry the back would be made too tight, or be inadequate for my larger boob.

The under filled right cup

I’m so gutted that Princess wasn’t ‘fit for a princess’ in my case.  I have heard it’s a tricky style to fit, so I guess I may have to live with the fact that this Curvy Kate wasn’t made for me.

Have you have similar experiences with Curvy Kate and Princess in particular?  Is there a better, fail safe style from Curvy Kate?

Becky x

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