February 24, 2011

Thought I would share my day with you. I was able to work with highly published photographer Chris Rout this afternoon. My other half Sean modelled for half the session with me on a lifestyle set, which with much hope will end up published in the likes of the Daily Mail or Woman magazine. We had immense fun working on this.

Shots we worked on included typical ‘problem pages’ images; frustrated partner, consoling partner, checking finances; the most hilarious one involved a mock up bed. I’ll leave you to wonder what that shot was for and I’ll come back to it when photos are processed… 🙂
I really enjoyed the lingerie sets we worked on (this time with Sean resuming role of Reflector Man, lol). Got some fantastic figure shots in some of my new underwear, this time not wearing a single pair of stockings, shock horror! It was quite liberating actually and I discovered a new liking for my bottom from a quick glimpse of a snap! We ended on some editorial Calvin Klein poses which is another idea I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, so it was good to finally work it. I’m really excited about getting these images back. I’m positive they’ll give my portfolio a new direction and in the least, Sean and I will have some nice photos together (except the one where I’m scowling at him…) lol

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