Maison Close ‘Hotel Diva’ Teddy

July 20, 2015

Growing into my pregnancy body is proving a challenge already; bras aren’t fitting as they did a week before, and everything feels a bit… tight.  Even though my body’s changing and getting bigger for an amazing reason, it doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes feel a bit frumpy.  Feeling shabby about yourself at an important time of your life is just not right, so wearing clothing – and indeed lingerie – that makes you feel extra special is top of the ‘feel good’ prescription!

Alluring lingerie in sheer fabrics and delicate designs are not your regular kind of underwear, but certainly a little sexy something.  It’s great to wear at any time of day and with any outfit, of course, but especially when you want to feel super sensual and confident about your body.


Maison Close has long been a favourite lingerie brand of mine; they’re purveyors of exquisite creations that celebrate the female form.

When I couldn’t attend their press event in Paris (oh the tears!) I was so keen to stay in the loop and learn more about the latest collections.

The Hotel Diva Teddy from the latest SS15 catalogue caught my eye for its beauty and wearability.  It’s a stunning little bodysuit; such a feminine piece to lounge around in, sleep in or wear for bedroom pleasure.



*Maison Close kindly sent me Hotel Diva Teddy, XL, RRP £70*

This cute teddy looks like a two-piece combo but is an all-in-one which is so easy to wear.  The camisole styled top is a champagne stretch satin that clings to every curve.  It’s close fit actually makes it comfortable having a larger bust, while the slender straps are fully adjustable for the best fit.

The bottom part of the teddy is a sheer lace shorty brief, which is beautiful and a little bit naughty in one!  Its see through stretch lace features a scalloped hem and side slits for a roomy and fluid drape.



The XL size is the largest available, saying it fits a UK 12-14.  It does fit me, albeit a little snug on my tummy (yes it’s currently in the tubster stage), but it’s comfortable all the same.  The lace bottom clings closely but doesn’t feel tight in any way since the whole fabrication is fairly stretchy.

I just love this teddy because it’s the perfect culmination of femininity.  I am one for comfort as well as aesthetics, and the mix of stretchy satin and lace together with its evocative design makes the Hotel Diva Teddy such a gorgeous boudoir essential.



What are your own experiences with boudoir brands like Maison Close?  How do you feel they typically meet the needs of the fuller busted?


  1. Kate S.

    July 20, 2015 at 2:13 am

    This is such a cute design!

  2. chap meng

    July 20, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    u look great in it.
    love it.

  3. Tomzi

    July 22, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Looks great on you 😉

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