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July 22, 2013
When Freya released their Beau collection in new colour lollipop pink several months ago it was a moment of lust at first sight.  I generally love hot pink so the sugary shade combined with the cute repeating bow design and striking embroidery really caught my eye.  
When Beau first hit the market a year ago in neutral ‘candy’ shade I disliked it immensely – it looked drab in the most unappealing shade of pink ever, to my eye – so it just goes to show how colour plays an important role in your decision to like a product or not.
Despite marking lollipop’ Beau balcony bra as my top must have on my birthday list back in February I never bought it, so when Large Cup Lingerie recently asked me if I’d like to review the set I was happy to oblige.  Freya Beau, come to mama!

I’m pretty consistent in Freya bras, mostly wearing a 28H but with the odd exception of the Deco where I can dubiously get away with wearing a 28GG, simply because it’s not produced in the H cup (yet!).  I thought it was a no-brainer to request the 28H, on the contrary, it’s become apparent this isn’t the right size for me.  I think I’m currently in a funny between-sizes limbo.

The 28 band is snug, which I initially felt okay about as it seemed firm in a good way, but a few hours of wear into my day I was aware of tightness digging and nipping me, and I kept pulling the band away from my sides to give myself mere seconds of relief.  I was definitely stretching the band to its testing limit.  It wasn’t looking good (and neither my skin).

Don’t misconstrue my experience with the band for failure, as there were many attributes that impressed me.  How the cups completely and perfectly encased my boobs was a huge positive.  The large sections of embroidered sheer mesh fit like a glove, with no gaping or under fill like some other brands leave me with.  Although the shape isn’t so rounded, more  pointed, it meant Beau felt and looked more natural.

The three hooks wide back fastening is also a strong point as it’s more anchoring than simply two.  

A pair of matching medium 12 briefs accompanied the bra in the Large Cup Lingerie parcel.  Featuring the same miniature bow print and front mesh panel, these knickers really came into their own.

They’re amazing!  The back is ruched, which lends a more form fitting structure and the bum coverage is fantastic.  I hate knickers that disappear between your butt and these do not. 


So overall, Beau is every bit the raspberry delight I’d hoped for.  The colour is cheerfully bright and the design cute.  I would love to find Beau in a 30GG as I suspect it would be a more comfortable fit, but until then, I can at least enjoy wearing the adorable Beau briefs!



Do you like the look of Beau?  Which colour way do you prefer or would like to see?  I think Beau would look super sweet in violet purple!  What do you think?

Becky x

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