Lingerie Love – Ohhh Lulu!

February 20, 2012

Those of you who I’ve worked with or follow my blog will know all too well about my love of lingerie.  I couldn’t tell you when it all started; my obsession with coveting beautifully made under garments; but it probably didn’t help when I really got in to lingerie modelling.

There are so many design houses and brands of lingerie that it can be easy to fall into the mainstream retailers with their run of the mill bras when really if we want to appreciate the smaller things in life we should be heading in the direction of our independent designers.  These are the people who have this same passion as ours, possibly even more obsessed!  They are the ones who dedicate their time and precious energy into creating the best lingerie there is.

Take Ohhh Lulu, one of the most prettyful independent lingerie names there is on the interweb!  Based a hop and a skip over from my English land, Sarah of Ohhh Lulu squirrels away creating her delightful vintage inspired lingerie and loungewear in Ontario, Canada.  If you want beautiful and uniquely handcrafted personal smalls, you really must check out Ohhh Lulus range over on Etsy, where there’s actually a sample sale on right now.

My current favourites are:  the Red and Blue Cherry Blossom bra and High Waisted Panties set and the Amethyst Floral Jersey and Velvet Ruffle Bloomers.  They are both so pretty and luxurious. <3

Red & Blue Cherry Blossom Bra and High Waisted Panties set

Amethyst Floral Jersey & Velvet Ruffle Bloomers

Becky x

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