If Game of Thrones Did Lingerie

May 3, 2014

Game of Thrones doesn’t do underwear.  Often it doesn’t do clothes, either.  But when the women of Westeros (and Essos) aren’t slipping off their robes and getting jiggy with the knights and Lords, they are actually kicking serious butt.

‘Behind every great man stands a strong woman’ – or as it is with this game of thrones: ‘behind every half wit stands a femme fatale’.  These women are the business.

And they wear amazing outfits.

If they wore lingerie, what would it look like? I decided to lend a helping hand and have selected some amazing lingerie that would suit some of my favourite female characters – from fine silk tulle to bondage style strapping.



Brienne of Tarth | Bordelle Voyeur Angela Dress

Margaery Tyrell | Chantal Thomass Ensorc’elle Bra

Cersei Lannister | Gossard Opulence Bra

Shae | Fred & Ginger Gina Bra and Brief

Daenerys Targaryen | Damaris Narnia Bralet

Ygritte | Marlies Dekkers Shimmering Wildblock Silver Body

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