D+ Parfait ‘Carole’ Reviewed

September 18, 2014


When Parfait by Affinitas announced the introduction of larger cups to their D-G core sizes, the lingerie industry’s ears pricked.

Reflecting the demand for the G+ cups, the extended range of Charlotte was well received and eagerly snapped up.  It seemed Parfait was moving up in the full bust world, and I was excited to see what larger offerings Parfait would next make accessible.

This Autumn Winter range features three D-K collections: Charlotte, Sophia, and a babydoll in the Alexis style.  Whilst only a small proportion of Parfait’s extensive range, it does offer a capsule of classic, well designed lingerie, and a taste of the Parfait experience.

The new season range contains some very desirable and hotly on trend designs: the sexy animal print Leslie in a new blue colourway and the pin up polka dot Kitty, no less.

I hadn’t much luck going G+ so when I was offered to sample a new set I decided a 30G would be best.  I also wanted to try a collection a little different to what I’d usually go for (that is vibrant colour!) and Carole was a beauty that caught my eye.  I have to admit the name swayed my decision too.  My Mum’s name and  ‘correctly’ spelt – Carole with an e!  How could I not?!

Carole is classical and yet glamorous


The solid colour and extensive lace plays against the fine gauge fabric and sheer mesh, fusing fluidity and modern lines with a vintage throwback.

Whilst available in two styles and colours – a padded bra and an unpadded wire bra in black or purple – the black wire bra most excited me.  The exclusion of padding or excess fabric allows the lace to be it’s most beautiful, revealing all the intricacy of the detailing.  The fabric of the whole set is glorious and glides on the skin like soft butter!  Every inch moves with stretch, reducing rigidity which makes for a super comfy wear.

I am sensitive to irritants and have no patience for stiff lingerie, so Carole was an utter dream to discover.  The fit is astounding and the level of comfort means this has been my most favourite, go-to, lounge around in lingerie.  The fact that neither the bra nor the hipster briefs don’t dig and stay where they should shows Carole is one understated but truly beautiful collection for the larger bust.


What are your thoughts on this season’s Parfait range?

Does the Carole collection suit your taste in lingerie?

Are the D-K collections enough or should Parfait introduce more?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Tina

    July 27, 2015 at 4:14 am

    I know this is an old post, but I was doing a search and found your blog. I just put Carole in Lollipop Red on Today for the first time and wore all day. I have to say- Absolutely fabulous. It’s one of the most “I’m not wearing a bra” bras that I own. I wear Parfait Exclusively, Owning Lola, Delphine, Odette (my absolute favorite), Melissa- All Padded, but I decided to give Carole unlined a try. I live in Texas, so this light but very supportive bra is amazing. I’m glad I chose it!

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