Christmas Lingerie Wish List

December 7, 2012

*I’ve had this post in the making for the past week but with one thing or another (mainly being nurse to my poorly guinea pig who is currently not well at all) it’s been opened and saved, never to the point of publishing.  So here it is!*

With Christmas now just glistening on the horizon it’s time to think about your own christmas wish list.  I’m all for surprise gifts on the big day but when it comes to lingerie, there’s huge risk involved.  Your better half buying the wrong size can be offensive, embarrassing and a complete waste of time, so avoid the whole rigmarole and buy exactly the lingerie you love and the size that’ll fit.

There are some especially desirable lingerie sets right now which are just waiting to slink into your Christmas stocking!  Here’s what’s on my wish list to Santa…(as long as he gets my size right!)

Fauve ‘Emmanuelle’ in Ink RRP £54 >

Masquerade ‘Rosetti’ in Scarlet RRP £40 >

Miss Mandalay ‘Paris’ in Black RRP £39 >

Freya “Deco Honey” in Iris RRP £32 >

Parfait ‘Angelina’ in Noir RRP £34 >

Bravissimo ‘Satine’ in Cobalt Blue RRP £29 >

Not related to lingerie at all but Christmas in a nutshell – The Snowman.  This year we’ll see a brand new special return to this iconic classic called ‘The Snowman and The Snowdog’ which is the same age as me this year – 30 years old.  It’s been a favourite of mine since I was little and got tons of Snowman paraphernalia, including my Snowman board game and an empty bubble bath bottle Snowman (minus his scarf and a dubiously darkened head) which I used to play in the bath with, both of which I still have.  🙂
Here’s a teaser trailer for you.  I’m so excited!  

Becky x

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