Bust Friendly Peplum Top by Bitter Lollipop

June 12, 2015

Clothes shopping for big boobs is a nightmare.  If your experience is anything like my own, it seems every dress or top I try on hasn’t considered that a pair of boobs will be taking up residence.  I end up having to size up just to get into something, but always end up with tons of excess space around the waist.  Sometimes it’s just easier to go for whatever’s stretchiest.  Hey, I may as well wear a sack while I’m at it.

Stop right there!  That kind of shopping needn’t be a reality.  If you read my post about boob friendly dresses you’ll recall I mentioned some brands who specialise in our kind of figure.  Yes, clothes that actually fit boobs.

There’s few British brands concentrating on bust friendly clothing, and by that I mean being produced right here on our great island.  Bitter Lollipop is a new emerging brand that flies the flag for the UK and the well endowed from a petite 8 to the plus 16, so it’s well worth a look at.


When the brand was earlier researching for their future collections of tops I mentioned how I’d like to see some well designed basics and decent trend led designs, so it was fantastic to see the resulting new lines include both casual and dressier pieces.  When I was recently offered a top to try out for myself I knew instantly which top to pick: the pretty floral peplum top.

I was sent the Imogen Floral Peplum Top, size 14 Busty, Price £45.00

Imogen is such an eye-catching, pretty top that is right on trend with its digital floral print.  It’s sky blue base colour brings the rambling rose design alive with vibrancy in a modern wearable way.  The peplum design is an especially flattering cut as it accentuates curves by nipping in and coming away from the waist with a frilled skirting.  What’s exciting about this top is that it’s a fitted shape and something a little dressier than a lot of ‘full bust’ clothing I’ve seen – exactly the type of top I want.

Bitter Lollipop’s sizing is similar to other busty brands whereby you take your bust, waist and hip measurements and find your resulting fit shape: busty or buxom.  This, combined with your dress
size, is your Bitter Lollipop size.  So my measurements of 39″ bust and 31″ waist led me to choose the ‘Busty’ shape.




The Imogen zip back top has a slight sheen and a touch of stretch in the fabric so it keeps its fitted shape well.  It’s a quality feeling cloth that isn’t too thick so still wearable for the summer (it’s a perfect top for attending a wedding or evening cocktails!)

The 14/busty size felt spot on; it fit my bust just right.  I experienced no tightness across the back and there wasn’t any excess fabric under my bust (woop!)  But, there were areas that weren’t so well tailored to my shape: the scoop neckline was a little loose and didn’t lie flat against me, and the fabric gaped both sides around my armpit/apex of my bra.  I couldn’t decide whether the 14 was too big or too small, or whether I actually needed a buxom fit.

I am gutted that the top isn’t as perfect as I’d hoped, but I’m not entirely disappointed.  It’s a gorgeous top that’s effortlessly stylish, unique and pretty all in one piece.

Clothes shopping whatever your figure and shape isn’t a simple task; there is no ‘one size fits all’, and big boobs are an extra challenge.  I love seeing new labels emerge with a passion to fill a niche where big brands don’t want to bother.  Where passion begins, success is born.  Bitter Lollipop has fresh, youthful clothing that echoes current trends and customer desires, and that’s something I can positively get behind.

What’s your experience with shopping for clothes?  Have you tried any specifically ‘full bust’ brands?  What are your thoughts on the choice that’s available?  Like the look of Bitter Lollipop?

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  1. Sean

    June 14, 2015 at 11:18 pm

    Awesome review

  2. Rachel

    June 14, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    Pretty! I don’t think the big busted clothes will ever take off though, as so many different size combinations to consider, hence the gaping bits

  3. Rose22joh

    August 1, 2015 at 9:47 am

    Great review. It’s good to see another company joining Pepperberry and Biu Biu in the big boob clothes market! I am a little nervous about buying this top because I’ll fit the buxom well but (after having babies) the waist measurements mentioned will be a little tight and the peplum might offset this but might not quite. If only Bitter Lollipop did an 18…,

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