BOOBS : What Does YOUR Normal Feel Like?

October 7, 2014


When did you last check out your boobs?  Like, really really check your boobs?

Most of us have it drilled into our subconscious that we should be routinely checking for unfamiliar and dodgy lumps and bumps on our boobs, but in practice it’s a task, and despite the best of intentions, many of us do forget.

We know the importance to check – being ahead of the game and having the chance to investigate anything untoward before it’s too late nips it in the bud, and can literally mean a matter of life or death.

But a lump or funny feeling doesn’t necessarily mean a cancerous growth – quite often a little harmless cyst is the culprit – but it’s always wise to know your stuff and get checked out by a professional as soon as you know something’s not quite right.

The fact is boobs vary so massively from person to person, there’s no two boobs the same – even your own!

Knowing what’s normal for your boobs means understanding them, getting familiar with their feel and look every day of the month.  And your boobs will most likely change at various times of the month, because hormones play a massive role.  Taking the time to know what you feel and look like gives you the power to gauge whether lumpiness or a sore spot is just that regular time of your cycle, or something not right.

Familiarising yourself with your boobs shouldn’t be scary though it may be daunting.  Boobs can naturally feel lumpy or squashy, firm or floppy, which is why taking a few moments to see what your own feel and look like is so important.

Me (scarily) copping a feel of the Coppafeel boobs at the UK Lingerie Awards 2013


This month it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Coppafeel, the breast cancer awareness charity for 18-30 year olds, has launched a massive campaign to get you to ‘cop a feel’, posing the question: “what does normal feel like?”

The campaign is simple but completely blatant.  Huge posters photographed by Rankin taken of real women’s boobs with a descriptive word written across the chest, from bobbly to spongy to firm.


A brash campaign that may feel a little embarrassing to see out shopping with your old folks, but essentially it grabs your attention.  This campaign is about stopping you in your tracks and getting you to recognise the diversity of boobs and see how intricately technical and amazingly different they are.

So, what do your boobs feel like?

How about making this month the start of your regular intimate boob time?  Really get to know your boobs, because nobody can know your own boobs like yourself.


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