Heritage Trend | Tweed Fitted Jackets

October 4, 2014

It’s October and Autumn has truly arrived.  The nights are drawing in as quick as the trees are shedding their leaves, and with the t shirts I lived in throughout Summer now relegated to the bottom of drawers, all thoughts are on a warmer wardrobe.

Warmer clothing tends to be bulky, thick and cumbersome, which in turn can make you look shapeless and feel frumpy.  That’s me, anyway.  Just because it’s getting colder, it doesn’t mean I want to look like a clothes horse and lose my figure.  A casual fitted jacket is the ideal transitional piece into Autumn when a heavy coat is unnecessary, and a tailored fit will complement curves.

This Autumn the heritage trend is making a comeback.

Tweed clothing has long been at the forefront of the country wardrobe because of its hard wearing and rugged properties.  My Dad, a proper Yorkshire countryman, has donned a tweed jacket and flat cap for as long as I can remember, which most likely influences my fondness to try the heritage trend.

I’ve been eying up some beautiful fitted tweed jackets for a country chic look that will look and feel gorgeous – and this is my top 5!


1 | Barbour Nutwell Tweed Jacket £229 | House of Fraser

2 | Boden British Tweed Pink jacket £149

3 | Joules Tweed Parade Jacket £199 | Joules

4 | Harris Tweed Jenny Jacket £225

5 | Liberty Freedom Hannah Short Jacket Mosside Tweed £375.95


What are your thoughts on the Heritage trend – is tweed your thing?

How do you style up your curves in the colder months?

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