BEDROOM RESTYLE | Reclaiming my Bedroom after Two Years Co-sleeping [AD]

April 10, 2019
Becky is sitting on her bed wearing comfy pyjamas.


Two years ago our bedroom was hijacked by a small person who refused to sleep in their cot. The husband and I have shared the bed with our son as a co-sleeping threesome and I don’t remember the last time my pillow was mine. Well, time’s up. The toddler has his own bed to make his nest and if the little one’s moving out, it’s time to make the bedroom ours again.

As much as I love snuggling up with my littlest man in the bed, I’m the first to admit our co-sleeping is past its best before date. It really is the loveliest thing, to feel so close at night, but the reality is, sharing a double bed with a growing toddler in the middle of it isn’t fun. In fact it’s like a game of Tetris with too many limbs and not enough space fighting to fit. Half the time Dad’s teetering on the edge of the mattress while I’m curled around a horizontal child who apparently feels comfy with his feet tucked into my ribs. Not comfy.

And that’s just the bed. Over the past two years our bedroom has gradually been ebbed away to fit in more toddler ‘stuff’. Reuben’s chest of drawers. Reuben’s teddies. And anything which resembled pretty and ornamental has been swiftly brushed aside from my bedside for safety’s sake. Of course there’s only so much pre-child life I can cling onto and anything at risk of breaking is still best kept away from the reach of little, intrigued hands. I really, really don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about our son and his footprint on our lives because I’m absolutely not, but to bring back some identity, some loveliness that makes it our bedroom, not a child’s bedroom, would be, well, rather grand.

What kind of bedroom restyle am I thinking?

So, I’m desperate for an all round update. A fresh lick of paint, some new wall art, maybe a nice bedside lamp or a clock. Also, you can get some really nice realistic looking faux flowers which would add some delicate colour and look super pretty in a little vase beside the bed.

At the moment our bedroom is heavy on the scandi style white timber look, which I am still quite content with, but I’d love to create a bedroom I can be more excited about coming to; a more luxurious tone with a softer edge. The bedroom ranges at Fishpools are giving me much fodder for thought, offering a variety of modern styles to take my bedroom to the next level.


The Lausanne Urban Grey bed frame is precisely the gorgeous bed I’m dreaming of. With its luxurious upholstered headboard featuring sumptuous quilted button detailing and elegant curves, this bed would bring a much needed touch of glamour.


A grey wood scheme will add warmth and lower the brightness of the room lending a cosier feel. The Hampshire range combines a soft shade of grey with real oak timber, so it looks thoroughly modern and relaxed while maintaining that country aesthetic I love.


Something I lost in replacement of Reuben’s chest of drawers was my dressing table which I was a little sad about. When he moves into his own room he’ll be able to take his clothes in there with him so I’ll have the space for a pretty dressing table again. Yay!

Keeping to the dove grey theme, the Hampshire range includes a dressing table to match the wardrobe. It’s a simple design with three drawers just the right size for storing my beauty bits and pieces such as brushes and make up bags. It looks pretty but because of the chunky styling and metal hardware, the Hampshire dressing table maintains a modern look.


I’ve been wanting a statement chair in the bedroom for so long but there hasn’t been the space, so I’m really excited about finally having one. It has to be a gorgeous upholstered chair with plush padding and buttons, ideally in a light pink or soft grey fabric. The Lily Accent Chair is exactly what I’m thinking – beautiful, decadent and comfy.

If you co-slept with your child, what changes to the bedroom did you have to make? What did you most look forward to changing back?

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