Are Large Cups Losing Out to Sexy Smalls?

February 15, 2015
Image: Scantily

The full bust market today is a far cry from the era when big bras meant granny chic.  Its easy to forget how far we’ve come; from specialist catalogues with their limited sizes where full cups meant large bands too, D+ lingerie is now commonplace in the supermarket as it is in many high street stores.  We’re living in the day where full bust bras are finally recognised as the norm.

Though there’s an abundance of youthful, modern and on trend styles alongside an infinite array of more mature, demure designs to choose from, there’s a pronounced lacking in a particular sub genre many women are now calling out for.  While we love the availability of looks that fit our personality and mood, the more mischievous, overtly boudoir aesthetic appears yet to be consummated.

Are large cups losing out to the sub D domain?

The Fifty Shades of Grey explosion speaks volumes of the nation’s desire for racier lingerie.  Not just a bra that physically holds a large bust but fits it and supports it in the way only big boobs command.  A big ask some might say, and going by what the market’s offering, a vastly untapped territory brands seem to be afraid of taking on.

Image: Bluebella

Ultra sexy lingerie for the pure reason of unadulterated gratification through thrill and fantasy is no longer a brown paper bag purchase, much like the attitude toward buying sex toys.  Women today know what they want, and wearers of full bust lingerie are no less demanding.

And why not?  Lingerie is now more than a piece of unseen functional clothing but fashion that extends to our taste behind closed doors,  and the more endowed amongst us – in an age that’s breaking down barriers of plus size and acceptable body types – want and should have it all.

More women today are wearing D plus lingerie than there’s ever been.  If there’s ever a better time for brands to delve deeper and indulge the fuller busted taste buds, it’s now.


In response to Lingerie Insight article:

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  1. Sienna

    February 18, 2015 at 11:15 am

    More women than ever are wearing D+ but there are still many more who are D+ but have either been fitted incorrectly been believe the myth that DD+ is big as they see women who claim to be DD who are much bigger in the cup and smaller in the band.

    Why is it most women will shop all day for shoes or outer wear as they know every brand style fits differently but when it comes to brands they pick up the first bra they see. But like every shoe fits differently every bra brand, style, shape and colour fits differently too

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