Anita Paisley Pregnancy Bra

August 29, 2016

Pregnancy makes boobs crazy, and it starts right from the first trimester.  The past twelve weeks have taken a painful turn, leaving me vulnerable to sensitivities.  While a few of my regular bras are still comfortably wearable, softer and more gently supportive, maternity specific bras have certainly brought a new kind of relief in this season of tenderness.


Despite feeling fuller in the bra department, I’ve not massively grown, which is very much okay with me.  Many pregnant women I’ve spoken to have noticed how they’ve outgrown their bras, jumping in size one or two cups, but as I’m already fuller busted I’m quite happy remaining as I am.  We shall however see how the 9 months progress!

I’m able to continue wearing some of my usual bras (the ones that are more forgiving and softer made, such as my Parfait Darlene and Cleo Skye) but occasionally I want something snug and really comfy.  That’s when an actual maternity bra ticks all the boxes.


The Anita Paisley Pregnancy Bra caught my eye for several reasons, and I was really glad of the chance to review it.  It comes in the choice of underwired, wire-free and nursing design, and is super soft and stretchy for ultimate pregnancy comfort while looking modern, akin to a normal bra – you could wear it even if you’re not expecting!

Anita bras start from a 32 back, so while they’re not small backed, stay with me.  Pregnancy causes the ribcage to expand so if you’re usually a 30 back, you may find you’ll need that 32 – like I have.  Normally I’m a 30H but after trying a few sizes including the 32GG, I found 32H to be the best fit.

The charcoal grey bra features an all over classic paisley print accented with a single centre pink bow for a thoroughly modern look.  The full coverage seam-free cups are of a soft pliable microfibre, so it adapts to natural movement and growth.  The elastic that runs around the apex of the bra adds to the snug fit without being tight or restrictive.

The fully adjustable straps are wide and flat, which I just love.  This isn’t a nursing bra so there’s no intrusive clips or anything (although you can buy that version), so the smoothness over the shoulder is unbelievably fluid and barely noticeable.  The band is a deep three hook and eye closure too, so it’s sleek and fully supportive all round.


The paisley bra gives me the shape I’m currently craving: slightly spaced apart and rounded without any full on pushing up effect.  Even though I’m usually around a 30H, the 32H is exactly the right size for me now, as it allows flexibility in the cups for tissue fluctuation.  I’m wearing the band on the middle (second) row of hooks and eyes, so while it fastens snuggly, there’s room for future growth.

It just feels perfect for me right now.  I love how adaptive to my daily changing shape the bra seems to be; it’s easy to wear, doesn’t dig in anywhere and holds me well without being overly firm on my sensitive boobs.


Minor bugbears?  The central gore doesn’t lay flat between my boobs, but this is purely aesthetic and actually doesn’t affect what it fits like or supports like.  As the style is quite gentle it’s similar to a non-wired bra in this sense, when the gore will not lay flat.  It may not look quite right to a bra fit aficionado but it honestly doesn’t detract from the wear.

Also – hardly a deal breaker but I have to mention – I found myself extremely sensitive to the branding/size label which was so irritating to my skin I had to cut it out.  Me and itchy labels do not mix.

Snug but not close.

The paisley bra is definitely my number one go-to bra right now.  I probably should have washed it by now after a few days wear but this is testament to how its rocking my world.  It delivers.  It’s just the comfiest bra I currently own that completely understands the needs of my changing pregnancy boobs (and I’ll probably covet just as much post pregnancy.)

You can buy Anita Paisley Pregnancy Bra from:


What’s your experience of maternity bras?  Do you like the simple style of pregnancy bras or do you prefer nursing functionality?  How do you feel about underwired maternity bras?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Alicia

    August 30, 2016 at 7:14 am

    I don’t you can bear Anita for pure comfort. The Twin style is still the most comfy bra I’ve found. Despite wide wires and not tacking, it’s just magic. The buttery soft fabric with high spandex makes it move with you like a 2nd skin. It’s the one I reach for if I know I have to travel or work a long day.

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