S’No Queen | S’No Flake in The Midnight Blue

November 20, 2016

Coming toward the colder weather I’ve wondered what I’d wear with having limited choices to dress my baby bump.  Since my tummy has really started to grow, I’ve not been able to wear some of my usual wardrobe, and I’ve had to buy maternity versions of leggings and tights.  And probably the biggest concern that came to my mind was how would I cope without my thermals?!


When it was Bonfire Night a few weeks back I dug out my thermal favourites and found to my surprise that I could still wear them.  Even with a little bump, my thermal leggings somehow still fit great and I was able to stay toasty warm all that evening.  I’m of course talking about my amazing S’No Queen thermals which have seen me through a few years now, and I’ve just been sent a new set to show you.

S’No Queen sent me the S’No Flake Polo Top, Large/£94 and Classic Leggings, Large/£70, Midnight Blu


Thermals have unjustly earned a comical reputation in my opinion, seen as the old fashioned, elderly person’s choice of under garment, but I beg to differ, especially when they look as stylish as S’No Queen’s.  They’re are a premium label marketed toward the winter sports’ elite because of their quality, in terms of long lasting, beautiful fabric and super insulating properties (even the decorative jewels have super staying power.)  While the co-ordinating base layer pieces are intended to wear beneath your winter apparel, I find them just as perfect on their own.  It would be rude not to show off anything this blingy.

My previous thermals from S’No Queen have been colourful pink and purple, so I was keen to go for something darker this time around.  New for the 2016/17 season, the stunning ‘midnight blu’ colourway is a sophisticated option that really compliments the style; its dark navy shade providing a striking backdrop for the diamanté gems.

The stretch knit fabric of all S’No Queen thermals have a superior softness due to the silk content, lending a luxurious texture with excellent natural thermic properties.  The cold is locked out, you’re kept warm and cosy, and it feels like a second skin that’s kind to the most sensitive of skins.


The S’No Flake polo top is a snug fitting, fine knit featuring a roll neck and long sleeves.  Trimmed with metallic stitching to the cuffs and hem, the starring feature is the cute jewelled slogan to the front of the top “We are like a snowflake – all different in our own beautiful way”.

The large size fits me well, even with a growing bump and boobs!  The stretch nature means it glides over and hugs my curves without restriction, and it just feels so soft and comfortable.  The sleeves are nice and long, finishing at the wrist and the body is a decent length meaning I can wear it tucked in or out over my leggings and is long enough to fit my tummy.

I was initially concerned the roll neck might make me feel too warm, as it is a close fit, but I actually found it to be just right.  Wearing it outside in the dropping temperature, it meant my neck was protected from the elements and I felt comfortably warm, not sweaty.  I could tell my skin was able to breathe and regulate through the fabric even though it was closely covered.


The Classic Leggings are a close fitting knit with a roll over waistband, and feature the stylish S’No Queen diamanté spray to the right leg.  These leggings have a generous high rise waist that allows the band to fold over; a great feature I’ve been able to adapt with my growing tummy bump, by wearing the band folded open which creates a deep flat panel that wears seamlessly over my curves.

The large size again is still a perfect fit for me because of the fantastic nature of the fabric.  They’re long in the leg – I’m 5’8″ tall and have a slight gather at the ankle which is how I like to wear leggings – and feel snug without being tight.  The fact they envelope my tummy with ease makes them feel tailored to my shape, and I just love how buttery soft they are to wear.



I can – and do – happily wear this pair of leggings and top as outer wear because of how cosy and gorgeous they are.  They’re great at keeping at me warm without the need to layer up with much else, and the style of fit together with the slogan design and bling all contribute to a beautiful set of clothing.  I’m just glad my pregnant self can continue to enjoy my S’No Queen luxury – for a while yet at least!

Do you wear thermals?  Do you think all thermals should be this gorgeous, or maybe you believe thermals are meant to be unexciting?  Does S’No Queen change your opinion of thermal wear?  I’d love to hear what you think on this topic.


  1. Andy

    November 22, 2016 at 7:48 am

    Looking good. Not sure if it’s socially acceptable to find a married pregnant lady dressed in thermals attractive. I’ll go away and reflect on this.

    1. Becky Connolly

      November 22, 2016 at 2:17 pm

      Ha ha, I think it’s okay!

      Becky x

  2. DDFann

    November 22, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    You’re positively glowing!! Beautiful. I’m with Andy 🙂

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