Retail Royalty: The Charity Challenge Intro

July 5, 2013
The massive popularity of Superman: Man of Steel, the 2 hour sell out of Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, even tv shows such as the likes of Made in Chelsea would have you believe we live in a time of affluent wealth.  True, many have seemed to have escaped the redundancy roulette and they’re still able to enjoy life’s luxuries but just as many people have genuinely been hit by the recession.  

The credit crunch is very real, and when the government makes cuts and rents still need to be paid there are people living in crisis that means the difference between eating and going without.  Financial hardship through job losses and ill health is not a situation most people would choose to create because it’s frightening not being able to rely on yourself.   I believe charity begins at home and it’s our duty to look after our neighbours.

When Money Supermarket launched their ‘Retail Royalty’ blogger challenge and asked me to donate as much as I can to a charity of my choice from a fund pot of only £30, I was really keen to accept the challenge.  I support many charities’ works but on this occasion I felt passionately inclined to help a local food bank.  I chose to donate to the charity Food Store run by King’s Church in Darlington, Country Durham.

The Food Store at King’s Church, Darlington

The Food Store is provided with goods both by a national food bank scheme and King’s Church own funds, with the additional aid of donations made by local businesses and individuals and it’s a constant effort to maintain stock.  The demand by those in need at the Food Store is ever growing and donated food to enable a single person, couple or family to survive for a minimum of 3 days is always needed and humbly appreciated.

I’m going to start working on this challenge right away, maximising the value of my £30 funds to help this brilliant food bank help those in my community most in need.  

Becky x

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