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January 17, 2013

Recently I said January is the month for fresh starts and new experiences and so a few weeks ago I placed my first order at vintage inspired Dotcomgiftshop.  I’ve been visiting the site and receiving the emails for quite a long time but I just never got to the point of placing an order.  I think I’m one of those people who are seduced by free delivery and have always been put off by the £3.95 postage charge.  I think if it were less I’d be more inclined to frequently order bits and pieces rather than fill my basket and forget about it!

I finally decided to purchase a few items that I’ve had my eye on, and with the early January sale on, the prices were all the more enticing.  My order arrived earlier this week.  It took a little longer to turn up than I was anticipating (especially as I’d paid for the delivery, and orders I’d placed elsewhere online – which were free p+p – had come before this did) which I’m guessing was down to a successful flurry of orders down at Dotcomgiftshop central.

Anyway, here’s what I got >

Blue Retro Vintage Kitchen Wall Clock

There were three different colours of the clock: cream, red and blue, and I was undecided whether to go for the bold red or the powder blue for the kitchen.  After much deliberation I opted for the blue.  I’m happy I went with this colour because although it is not the same vibrant blue as on the website, it works well with my other kitchen decorations and is actually a much nicer shade.

I was unsure what the clock was constructed from when looking on the website but I can now confirm it is wholly plastic with the exception of the metal hands.  The blue fascia has a good depth which makes it hang prominently from the wall.  The face is cream which is complementary to the vintage look.  All three colour options are £6.95 each in the sale.
Pantry Design Set of 3 Cake Tins

I first mentioned these lovely looking tins in a post last year when I was deciding which cake tins to buy.  I bought some different ones but because I still loved these I knew I had to buy them in the sale.  I paid £6.95 for them which was a brilliant price, but I was gutted to see they dropped again in price to £4.95 on Monday, the day my order arrived.  Oh well!
These tins are really well made and I love the matt finish of them.  They are really very small cake tins, not the same sizes as my Tala tin set, and you wouldn’t be able to fit a family cake in the two smaller tins (I guess that’s why they’re labelled as biscuits and sweets!) but their adorability lets them off.  Very pretty and uber retro.
Pantry Design Set of 2 Tea Towels
This tea towel duo came so daintily presented with its turquoise ribbon and tag, it would make the perfect housewarming gift.  It was a shame to spoil the party and untie it!  The cotton tea towels are a good size and thickness and both display the song birds print which match the cake tins above.  I’m really pleased with these and think they look really good.  They’re £3.95 in the sale on the website.
I’ve already been back on the site checking out what other goodies are in the sale.  There are some matching Pantry Design items including a set of 6 spice tins down to £3.95 and a set of 3 coffee, tea and sugar canisters now at £4.95.  Also some pretty and practical storage bags, such as the kitsch Suki Jumbo Storage Bag for £2.95.
Are retro themes your thing?  Do you love a vintage kitchen or do you prefer a more modern, simplistic look?  
Becky x

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