Plunging Panache Fontaine

March 20, 2015

When you spend a lot of time trying out lingerie of all shapes and sizes, you learn one or two things about yourself.  You get acquainted with your body shape, and your taste, expectation and lifestyle ascertains your choices – and you get to know what suits you and what doesn’t.

Of all the varieties of bra style, I know what works best for my shape.  With closely positioned boobs plunge bras fit me well and are my favourite go-to bra cut.

New release from Panache this Spring – Fontaine – is one of those bras.


Fontaine is an easy to wear wardrobe staple I’m finding myself reaching for most, lately.  An unpadded, full coverage cup with a sleek plunging neckline, Fontaine is unfussy, contemporary and a pop of colour in the vibrant coral colourway.

Having prior positive experience with Panache’s Tango plunge, I was keen to give Fontaine a whirl.  Panache provided me with the Fontaine Plunge bra (RRP £32) in a 30H and the co-ordinating brief (RRP £15) in a 12.

Fontaine features a lightweight but strong fabric that’s rigid and non-stretch.  The double strength three section structured cups are supported by an all round under band which makes for a firmer hold.  Straps are fully adjustable and all trims, such as the unassuming central bow and lace band edging the cups are self coloured for a streamlined look.


When I first tried on the Fontaine bra it was actually in my usual 30GG size, but I found immediately it was too small as the cups were tight and squashing me.  So I exchanged for a 30H which fitted just right all over – no quad-boobing or gaping either.

I was expecting the fabric to feel soft to the touch, which it is not, so that initially disappointed me.  Sometimes I find rigidity confining and not so comfortable, but I found myself after long days wearing this bra thankful that Fontaine isn’t so dainty, and quite up to the job of keeping a heavy chest uplifted.


The wires are slightly wider than I need but it doesn’t affect the fit of the cups so I’m not bothered by it.  This effect can occasionally cause shifting of the overall bra but I didn’t experience it here.

Touching on the briefs, they’re not my favourite style.  I’d prefer a high leg here, definitely not an ultra low brief, but that’s my personal preference.  I would opt for a 14 over the size 12 as they are tight, as you can see.  It is a cute, simple style that has a fantastic form of structure given by it’s elastication and sheer fabrication.


You know you’ve found a reliable bra when you’ve got through a day without tugging or moving a wire.  The deep plunge of Fontaine follows my natural shape so it feels as comfortable as it feels supportive.  I love the fact it isn’t padded and is pretty low key, but injected with colour that lifts what could be an un-exciting design into something exciting.

*PR Gifted*

Have you found certain bra styles fit your shape best?

Do you have a favourite style or brand that meets your needs best?

Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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  1. Panty Buns

    March 22, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    I love that colour and the look of the fabric. The Panache Fontaine lingerie set looks lovely being modeled by you.

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