D+ Bra Review | Mimi Holliday Berry Fest

January 22, 2014

Mimi Holliday, the diffusion line from high end lingerie label, Damaris, has earned it’s luxury credentials quite rightly itself.  Boasting colourful collections using exquisitely cut fabrics in designs sexy and cute, the house of Mimi is a fierce brand to be reckoned with.

What I love most about Mimi Holliday is that you wouldn’t expect fuller busts to be catered for here, yet just a brief peruse through the super luxe lingerie reveals a neat array of large cups.  The only hint that these styles are specifically cut for the bigger bust is the not so glamorous ‘maxi’ name, which I think really isn’t a descriptor that does these beautiful bras justice.

Last week I received a surprise parcel that was sent by a generous, albeit anonymous, reader who’d paid my Amazon Wish List a little visit.  I had no idea what lay in the box wrapped in tissue paper, but I soon discovered it was the gorgeous Mimi Holliday Berry Fest maxi bra that I’d been lusting for!  I was so excited as the bra looked all the more pretty now in my possession.

The colour is just delicious!  The name Berry Fest is the most appropriate name for such a fruity raspberry colour.

At first I worried the size was perhaps wrong because the bra looked quite small, but no, it was indeed a 30GG as I wanted, and thankfully it fit too!  This highlighted a very valid point: that even as a fuller bust bra, Mimi still manage to make what could be cumbersome lingerie, delicate pieces too.

Berry Fest stays along the lines of many Mimi designs with the heavy use of lace which is double layered in the cup for durability and texturised with embroidery.  Whilst the straps are semi adjustable the entire strap does stretch to allow for comfort, with the front section akin to silk.  The band is a surprisingly deep width typical for three hook fastening yet only is two hooks wide.

The fit is on the wide side, with straps relatively further apart on my shoulders than I usually wear, and this gives the shape a less rounded look.  I don’t mind this though, it just means it’s best suited for when I’m not particularly bothered about such a projectile lift, and it really is a comfy wear!

Whilst I was looking to see what other Mimi Holliday reviews there were I noticed the odd mention of dry cleaning for similar styles, which does sound very strange for what is an everyday bra.  I can happily say Berry Fest is handwash only, so typical for underwired bras.  I was relieved when I checked the label that I wouldn’t have to keep frequenting the dry cleaners or risk a fate far worse!

Huge thanks to my mystery buyer for gifting me such a beauty!

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  1. Panty Buns

    January 31, 2014 at 12:43 am

    I love that colour!!! The Mimi Holliday Berry Fest maxi bra looks lovely.

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