Hepburn & Leigh ‘Garter Girl’ Photo Shoot

January 17, 2014
Image: Hepburn & Leigh

I was taken aback when I found out I was to be a Garter Girl.  Last summer, the online boutique Hepburn & Leigh ran a competition to find models for their website, and it was coming into Autumn when I was informed I’d won.  I’ve been modelling for the past four years but it didn’t make my excitement any less profound.  To be the face of a lingerie brand is nothing short of a ridiculously amazing honour for any lingerie lover! 

As it turned out there were two Garter Girls selected, with myself being the fuller bust and curvy figure model.  This was a clever by Hepburn & Leigh, as it meant lingerie covering a spectrum of styles and size would be shown off on a real person, something one body shape couldn’t have done.

The pic that made me Garter Girl

My fibromyalgia was a massive hurdle to work around.  The photo shoot set to take place in Ipswich with Kiss Me Deadly model & photographer Morgana, I discovered would be too much to cope with.  Over five hours travel with several train changes would have put too much pressure on my body and I knew from previous experiences I’d be in pain before the shoot would start.  I was devastated that this was causing such a problem for me,  resurfacing the fact again how deceitful an invisible illness is.

After much discussion we found a solution: to shoot closer to home.  As it turned out,  Hepburn & Leigh moved premises to Sheffield, which made things a little easier.  I suggested we work with Jade, a photographer I’ve worked with who’s based in Durham.  I knew we could rely on her, so it was great to finally get arrangements in place for a new year shoot.

So, this week was the moment for the main event itself – my turn to take to the stage, so to speak, and become a Garter Girl!

Image: Charlie @ Hepburn & Leigh

Charlie from Hepburn & Leigh brought a massive supply of lingerie in various sizes for me to try out and wear on set.  To see all the beautiful fabrics and colours together, I was in seventh heaven! 

With every set to model I found myself taking in all the details, noting which garments I would have to invest in myself later on.  Playful Promises were on the agenda (and got my heart racing!), as were some stunning Fraulein Annie collections.  It was also nice to try out new brands too, and I was smitten by a certain piece that would normally surprise me (I’ll show you that at some point!)

My OH mucked in, as per usual with shoots I do; I can always rely on him where suspenders are concerned!  We all had so much fun and camaraderie working together.  There came a moment when I really couldn’t get into a girdle, despite how much I tried.  I ended up needing the physical effort of everyone heaving full force into pulling the shapewear over my hips!  Once up and over, the lingerie looked amazing and really gave me a svelte figure, though I hastily dare try that with my poor fibro flesh anytime again soon…

Jade and Charlie giving me the heave-ho

Keep your eyes on Hepburn & Leigh’s Facebook page and website over the coming weeks, as the results will start to come in soon.  Oh, and with £1000 to spend at Hepburn & Leigh something tells me I’ll be reviewing some familiar pieces around here….!


  1. Panty Buns

    January 31, 2014 at 12:38 am

    Congrats on being a Hepburn and Leigh Garter Girl! You look like a star – and fabulous in all these photos. All of the lingerie sets you modeled look very pretty. The photos are great!

  2. Ana

    February 18, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Congratulations! And if you don’t mind me asking how did you find the size in Fraulein Annie compares to other brands? Are their backs tighter than usual?

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