Christmas Decorations – Vintage & Homemade

November 25, 2012

I am hugely excited that there’s less than a week left of November because it means very soon our Christmas tree and home decorations will be going up!  I have a nostalgic love of all things Christmas, and this year I’m really into the homespun and bygone era look, channeling that ‘make do and mend’ mantra and the colour pops of the 50s.

Image – Cath Kidston

What I covet most about Christmas is tradition and being able to indulge in reminiscing past Christmases and adoring passed down decorations that have made it through to another generation.  My Dad, who’s the most Yorkshire of Yorkshire gents I know brought from home some of the best Ye Olde decorations dating back decades before his own birth.  Ancient glass baubles which hang precariously from their ever thinning stems are beautiful to unwrap and gaze at, but what’s more beautiful is the age behind them and the love, the family stories, and a time you can never revisit.  In my too young an eye to know first hand, the 40s and 50s were the best times for a good old Christmas.  When that satsuma and apple in the bottom of your stocking (or Dad’s old long sock) really was a festive treat and we appreciated every little carol and cracked nut.

So this year I’m especially hoping to create a bit of a vintage spin with my already bulging collection of decorations, but there’s another look I also warm to quite a lot, and that’s the Scandinavian look.  Natural fabrics and materials, rows of repeating patterns in vibrant singular colour, and reindeer depictions.  Everything a cosy fair isle wooly jumper represents and more!

Star Pendant Lamps – Ikea, Mushroom Decorations – Dotcomgiftshop, Robin Ornament – Next,
Wooden Reindeer – Parlane, Deer Mug – Cath Kidston, Owl Decoration – Homebase, Vintage Cushion – Dunelm Mill, Fair Isle Stocking – Linea at House of Fraser

There is so much on the high street right now that confirms vintage and homemade is the current trend and I’ve been battling the temptation to buy it all.  But, with a clever eye for a bargain I’ve been able to find some amazingly priced Christmas pieces, and what I haven’t succumbed to purchase I’ve crafted myself.

Here are a few items I bought –

Wilkinson Wooden Deer Heart – £1

Wilkinson Paper Chains – £1

The Range Jingle Bells – 79p

The Range Glass Toadstool – £1.59?

Here’s some cross stitched hearts I’ve been making.  They are stitched on red, green and natural aida, backed with red felt and sewn up with blanket stitch.  The deer and stag designs came from Cross Stitcher magazine which I made with my own shades and I padded these ones with wadding.  The Noel heart is a flat tree decoration and my own design!  I love this kind of pattern.

Is a vintage Christmas your style or do you prefer a more modern look?  Or perhaps a winter white theme?

Have I missed a shop that I would go crazy in?

Share your favourite Christmas trends and traditions!

Becky x


  1. Lauren

    November 25, 2012 at 9:41 am

    I love old decorations the most too, could never get rid.

    Love those hearts you made, wish I was that creative!

  2. Cavy.girl

    November 25, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Hi Lauren, thanks for the lovely comments! I noticed on your post (just had a look and follow – love the name, I was a HUGE Button Moon fan when I was a nipper!) that you made some gingerbread people? Must see them! I’m planning on making some christmas biscuits this year. 🙂

    Becky x

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