Cake Maternity ‘Croissant’ Nursing Bra

October 31, 2016

Now my regular lingerie is well and truly put to bed, my quest for the most amazing maternity bra remains at large.  I can count on one hand my new found favourites but a couple of bras aren’t going to see me through my entire pregnancy – and they’re most likely not going to fit forever.  So as my bust grows, so must my maternity wardrobe.

In 2016 we’re actually pretty lucky to have the choice that we do in maternity underwear.  While maybe not as prolific as general lingerie, there are some really good brands going above and beyond the typical high-street offering.



Cake Maternity is a young, globally available, Australian brand that produces pregnancy solutions such as underwear and loungewear.  With a vast catalogue of gorgeous wearable designs, their bras and briefs are as delicious as their foody inspired names (Cinnamon Waffles and Banana Parfait are sure to set off anybody’s craving.)  It felt like a journey of the tastebuds admiring the new range of lingerie and I was keen to explore further.

Cake sent me the bra that first caught my eye: Croissant smoothing seamless nursing bra, 32GG.



Most appealing to me was the clever supportive band of flexi-wiring, which is a safer and more amenable form of wiring for the growing bust while offering a high level of support.  With a gentle moulded shape, the croissant is a cosy and substantial bra that has a premium quality, soft touch finish.  The warm biscuity beige shade is a good staple colour and together with its unobtrusive seam-free cups, the Croissant is a gorgeous, everyday bra.

The Croissant nursing bra caters for breastfeeding lady, its cups detaching away from two discreet clips positioned near the front straps for easy accessibility.  And when not in use or needed, the clips are small enough to blend into the styling of the bra, so it isn’t the most blatantly obvious nursing bra I’ve seen.

The cups are fairly shallow but high on the apex, so the bra offers a decent amount of full coverage with a smoothing effect.  There’s no push up effect or cleavage enhancing, just gentle shaping and solid hold.  The deep band is behind the bra’s firm support; broad across the back with flexible side boning, finishing off with a generous 5 hook fastener, allowing plenty movement in the fit of the bra as your chest expands.





As my boobs have increased in size just slightly, it has meant my usual 30H is a little tight, even though the cup would be adequate.  So, opting for the 32GG (Cake don’t cater for 30 backs anyway) was the best option for me.  Comparing this bra, however, to a few other maternity bras I’ve recently tried, I would say Cake’s sizes are on the generous side.  My bra is very comfy and wearable in the 32GG but I do have a marginal area of unfilled cup underneath each breast, suggesting the size is a little too large.  In this respect I would suggest anyone else sister size like I did, as any cup size bigger and I would have been swamped.

Croissant is quite honestly an absolute dream to wear.  It feels substantial in the way a crop top does, as it’s such a chunky designed bra with the flexiwiring and broad band.  This too adds to the comfort factor of the bra, because the wiring isn’t rigid and hard.  It performs in the same way as a metal wire but is far more forgiving, which in turn makes the bra lovely to lounge around it.




The fabric is also super soft and cotton-like.  It’s gentler against the skin so it doesn’t irritate my usually super sensitivity, and feels snug too.  I have a poor circulation condition (Raynaud’s) which acutely affects my nipples (even more so now I’m pregnant) and so keeping my boobs warm and insulated is of huge importance to me.  I find the Croissant bra is most definitely a Winter friendly design in this respect.

So I’m happy to reveal this is a new favourite of mine.  Comfort remains a top priority of mine right now, and the Croissant is definitely an easy wear that’s all round super comfy.  And the fact the Croissant has a modern, sleek look about it too, means it doesn’t feel frumpy to wear – a point scorer in any mum-to-be’s book.

You can buy the Cake ‘Croissant’ bra from:

Figleaves | Amazon

Have you tried Cake Maternity?  What are your thoughts on comfort and style in maternity lingerie?  Do you like your pregnancy bras more basic and solutions solving or do you like your bras to look like your regular lingerie?  I’d love to hear what you think!

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