Snuggly Bear Loungewear by Bedroom Athletics

June 21, 2015

It’s Summer, they said.  Time to pack away your winter wardrobe, they said.  Yet here we are in the midst of June and the sun is performing a disappearing act.  I’m cold, I’m trying to find my jumpers again and I’m not happy about it.

Okay, we’ve had the odd good day when the sun has really delivered, but so far, Summer just hasn’t really arrived.  I’m reluctant to put the heating on (just because it feels wrong) so I’m just trying to find ways to stay moderately warm until the Summer decides to make a show.


Today saw a turning point.  No, I haven’t been able to shed any layers due to sweltering heat but the consolation prize almost makes up for it.  A big, squashy parcel arrived from Bedroom Athletics containing some super snuggly wares: a thick, fleecy poncho and a pair of faux fur slipper boots.  Perfect!

PR Gifted: Bedroom Athletics Nina Teddy Fleece Poncho size L, Sand, RRP £50 and Marilyn Classic Faux Fur Slipper Boots size 5-6, Gingerbread, RRP £20

I purposely asked for a poncho because it’s pretty unusual and not an item of clothing most people would think of trying.  I’m a dressing gown wearer through and through; don’t ask me how many robes I own as they’re something of a collection on the back of my bedroom door and in the wardrobe.  Snuggling is a serious pastime for me.  But as comfy as dressing gowns are, you can’t really get away with wearing one all the time.  So what do you wear when you want to be snuggly but reasonably socially acceptable?


Bedroom Athletics’ Nina poncho is the cute and stylish option.  Its thick teddy fleece is a delicious texture; touchable, enveloping and warm.  The fleece knit has a towelling effect with a short, rough pile that fluidly stretches, allowing complete movement and comfort.

The poncho design means it is essentially a hooded cape.  It has no sleeves; instead, it drapes with a circular cut, allowing the folds to hug around you.  Two deep pockets are hidden away at the front, and giant pom poms hang from the hood cords, so you can adjust it to fit as snuggly as you like.  Suede effect Bedroom Athletics branding trims the bottom of the poncho to show you’re wearing a quality product from a cool brand.



The poncho looked sweet on the website but I didn’t expect it to be as nice as it is.  In my opinion, to call it fleece seems derogatory to the fabric.   It’s very much like a teddy bear but so much softer.

It comes in a choice of two colours: pink and sand, and I chose the latter because it’s an easier shade to co-ordinate.  The soft natural fawn tone is also the proper colour for bear-like dressing!



The Marilyn faux fur slipper boots are part of Bedroom Athletics extensive range of gorgeous slippers, with the Marilyn line offering a choice of colourways.  They’re moccasin style ankle boots featuring zig-zag stitching on imitation suede, giving them a cosy northern hemisphere vibe.  They also have a functioning zip at the front as the boot is a snug fit.

I again chose a neutral colour, this time gingerbread, which is a warm, cinnamon shade.  I find it’s a good colour to wear because it’s less likely to look so grubby with time and it matches clothes nicely.


I love slipper boots but I’m super fussy about them.  They have to be made well and have a decent base, because once they’re on my feet they go round the house and in the garden with me.

I was so relieved to find the Marilyn boots just how I like them, with a good solid plastic sole.  In fact, they’re some of the nicest slippers I’ve had.  The faux fur lining is gorgeously soft, so it’s a treat on the feet.



Bedroom Athletics is a youthful brand with a cheeky brand name to match.  Because of this, it would be easy to dismiss the products as possibly low quality, but my experience has proven the opposite.  I’m really impressed with the poncho and boots I received (I’m wearing the poncho again now as I write), and when you look forward to wearing something it does speak volumes.  You want to be comfortable when chilling out, and touchable, desirable fabrics make loungewear the pleasure it was made to be.

Have you tried any loungewear by Bedroom Athletics?

What do you think about the poncho – would you wear it?

How do you like your loungewear and pyjamas – cosy and practical or sensual and refined?

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