CHRISTMAS IS COMING | A Very Festive Advent Calendar Train

November 14, 2019


Advent calendars are a key part of Christmas, and no modern festive countdown would be complete without 24 daily surprises. Who doesn’t need over three weeks of additional treats in anticipation of the big day?

Once upon a time, advent calendars were only paper bearing tiny nativity pictures behind each door. But most of us in more recent generations are more accustomed to the chocolate advent calendars; the ‘use once and throw away’ variety that we’d fight over with our siblings or in childhood impatience peel open all the foiled doors to devour the treat in one sitting. (It wasn’t me!)

While paper or chocolate advent calendars are special in their own ways, sometimes keepsakes are the treasures that help us create our Christmas traditions.

Advent calendars that take on a more characterful form can make for a beautiful centrepiece for the festive season. The vintage feeling Wooden Advent Train from Lime Tree London captures the essence of Christmas spirit with its playful aesthetic mimicking a child’s favourite toy from yesteryear. With its two carriages of 24 fillable drawers and personalised touch, it’s an eye-catching piece that the little ones and big ones will love bringing out each Christmas.

The Advent Train is a substantial piece. Measuring 45cm long, this traditionally painted train consists of three parts that connect with tiny hooks; an engine complete with driver figure and two carriages, which hold the advent drawers. It’s painted in a bold red and green colour palette with gold metallic accents, making the train suitably festive.

The two carriages neatly contain 12 dainty drawers each – six on either side – safely stowing away its total 24 miniature treats for its advent journey. Nodding to the classic advent calendar style, each drawer front, like a door, bears a small Christmas themed depiction such as Christmas bells, a wreath or a rocking horse, hand painted alongside its numerical day. With tiny gold knob pulls to gently open each drawer, it’s a delicate procedure that small hands are perfectly made for.

The drawers are dinky but still a fair size for a few treats or two. Chocolate buttons or gummy bears would make a perfect sweet treat, as would inedible treats like small rubbers, stickers or stampers.

The personalisation is the icing on the cake for this lovely keepsake. With broad range to custom your train with a message or name, it’s perfect for a child’s first Christmas or bear the family name. It’s embossed in gold paint, fully co-ordinating with the train’s colour scheme.

As it’s Reuben’s third Christmas this year he’s markedly more involved and excited about what lies ahead. He knows who Santa is, he’s written (and posted!) his Christmas list, and he even has his own Christmas tree ready to decorate. So to make the festive period even more personal for him, I thought Reuben’s own Christmas train would be a thrill in its own right. I simply requested the wording: “Reuben’s Christmas Train” and Lime Tree did all the laying out of the text for me. It looks great, don’t you think?

Now, I have had to remind little man that despite the train’s fun look, it’s not a toy and not intended to be played with. It has functioning wheels but that’s beside the point (and completely inviting, according to Reuben who very much enjoyed checking out the train today.) And while it’s wooden, it’s not solid wood, rather a mix of soft wood and MDF. But to be fair, it’s only decorative so you don’t need it to be made of the best oak – and it would make it far too heavy anyway.

If you’re fancying something different and a bit more friendly to the environment this Christmas, the advent train would be a cheerful option to consider. It’s completely festive, has that gorgeous vintage style and adds a personal touch to your family’s emerging traditions.

You can order your own Wooden Advent Train from

Lime Tree London

How do you like to mark the advent period? Is Christmas a lengthy celebration in your family? Maybe you prefer the traditional 12 days of Christmas? I’d love to hear so please do drop a comment below.

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