Parade to the Pool with Speedo Sculpture

June 15, 2013
Few of us can argue that we’re not that great with this body confidence thing.  The lifestyle most western women lead today compared to some decades ago are worlds apart; we work hard, play hard and birth the babies.  So why is it we’re still worrying about our bodies, comparing ourselves with the next woman and making us feel pretty crap about ourselves? 

The fact is you can’t escape the human nature that we base a lot of our assumptions and decisions on looks, and if we’re guilty of body snarking another woman we’re obviously a sinner toward ourselves.  Does this attitude get us anywhere, any further forward in our plans?  Do we actually feel all warm and fuzzy inside following a good old dig at someone else’s looks?  When we stand and look at ourselves in the mirror and disappointingly pinch at our squidgy bits, does it pay it’s dividends?  Not in the slightest.

The UK’s swimwear favourite, Speedo, have enrolled TV and radio personality, Gabby Logan, as ambassador of their Sculpture brand to tackle the issue of negative self confidence in women by heading the ‘Parade To The Pool‘ campaign.  In a bid to encourage more women to get that skimpy suit on and hit the pool Gabby’s challenge is to shirk the ‘fat talk’.  According to a recent survey, 84% of women admit they have a negative relationship with their own body, with over half (55%) of all women avoiding activities such as swimming, just because they worry about revealing their body.  Pushing self demonizing thoughts aside and stepping into a swimsuit is a liberating experience, and if you want to do it, then why not?

Top psychologist Anjula Mutanda suggests confidence building tips such as:

  • Seeing your body as part of you, not separate or your enemy
  • Focus on what bits you like rather than what you hate
  • Fake it until you make it – walk ‘confidently’ – stand and walk tall with shoulders back and keep eye contact
  • Don’t over think – just act – throw the towel away and stride to the pool!

Some members of the public were invited to don a swimsuit and literally parade to the pool, which saw them pounding the pavement through central London with a marching band, ticker tape and full fanfare until they reached their destination: the pool.  Sadly I couldn’t make it down south for the parade which I would have loved – and equally feared – to do!  So thankfully I have some photos of the lovely, brave Speedo clad women who did triumph the parade!

How do you deal with your own self confidence issues and body confidence amongst your friends and family?

Check back again soon as I’ll be reviewing a new style swimsuit from the 2013 collection by Speedo Sculpture.

Becky x

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