Baby’s First Christmas | A Personalised Nativity Scene

November 19, 2017

I love Christmas!  I’m one of those apparently annoying people who starts playing Christmas music in September and I get planning the festivities before the sun’s even dried up the leaves on the trees.  This year I’m beyond excited because it’s Reuben’s first Christmas.  He’s going to love it – the tree and all the lights, and I can’t wait to introduce him to everything that’s magical about our favourite holiday.


I’d been looking for a nativity scene for quite a while, even before Reuben came along.  I like the idea of having one set up as a Christmas centrepiece but now we have our little man on board, it would be nice to have some child friendly decorations around the house.  Well, I found the most perfect nativity scene to mark Reuben’s first Christmas.

The Personalised Wooden Nativity Scene from Harmony at Home Children’s Eco Boutique is a beautifully made, contemporary styled nativity that children will love.  With the personal touch of a printed message, a bright colour palette and friendly faced figures, the nativity is a cheerful, inviting piece that will surely become a Christmas favourite.



The flat packaged nativity arrives neatly sorted in order so you can quickly assemble the scene in no time at all.  In the box you’ll find the base, stable back with angel and star built-in, two stable sides, stable lintel, two roof halves, palm tree with base to attach, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, three wise men, one shepherd and a menagerie of animals: two donkeys, two camels, two sheep and one lamb.

The nativity scene is a quality crafted toy made entirely from wood.  The stable is solidly built with a good weight which means it’s less inclined to tip over so easily and connects with pegs and slots without a single nail in sight.  There is one screw that comes within the pack but this is for a palm tree to affix to a round base so it’s sturdy enough to stand.



The figures are soft wood, light to handle with smooth curves so there’s no rough edges to catch little fingers.  The paintwork is really well applied; it’s rich in colour and the attention to detail, such as the stable brickwork and the base, adds a dimension of life to the scene.  The vibrant wise men are positively exuberant in their sapphire blue, emerald green and ruby red cloaks, and each character’s little face is so adorable, even tiny baby Jesus is a cutie!  I love the animals though, I think Reuben likes these too, with a donkey and camel being his favourite to hold.

The nativity is labeled as suitable for 3+ years, but I’m happy to let Reuben play with the figures under supervision, and he likes to chew them, probably because they feel good on his teething gums!  I don’t let him play with baby Jesus though because he’s made up from smaller pieces put together and I wouldn’t want to risk the choking hazard.



To have ‘Reuben’s First Christmas 2017’ emblazoned across the stable lintel was the obvious choice for me, and it was exciting to open the box and see the printed personalisation so boldly displayed.  The print is overlaid the glossy paintwork of the stable to a smooth finish so it looks part of the design, and not just as an afterthought which adds to the quality aesthetic.  You don’t have to get the nativity personalised at all, but i think it’s the finishing touch to something that we’re all going to treasure in the years to come.

You can purchase the Personalised Nativity Scene from Harmony at Home Children’s Eco Boutique store at Notonthehighstreet for £49.95


Is it your baby’s first Christmas?  Have you thought about what kind of gifts you want to give for the special occasion?  What do you think about wooden toys as opposed to or in addition to plastic toys?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Chat soon.


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