Moving on and thinking the picture

July 7, 2011

I thought it was about time I updated my friends online now that we’ve moved house and finally got somewhat settled! The boxes have been long unpacked but I’m ashamed to say there’s few pictures on the walls – not exactly a homely look. Before moving I’d bought some gorgeous picture frames which I’m still yet to fill. It’s so difficult deciding what photos to immortalise, especially when you open up iPhoto and you realise just how many photos you take on your digital camera! I have considered getting my favourite modelling images printed up and showcase on wall somewhere, maybe the bedroom, but then I think that’s maybe a little too self indulgent. But I really do appreciate good shots which is why I’m so hands on and involved on my shoots. I love to help create something beautiful and it’s thrilling to receive back images that make me want to show them off so much. What is the point in a good picture if it’s never appreciated?

I still have so many shoot ideas on my mind but I worry I’ll never get to indulge in them all. Most I admit are lingerie focused, only because I love it so darn much! Yet again this week I too keenly received a parcel of naughty delights from Mr Postie. I’m going to be so overflowing with suspender belts and corsets I’m sure I’ll be sick of them before they get chance to come out of the Box again. Or maybe not. 😀

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