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July 2, 2013

When Tutti Rouge‘s first collection, Liliana, landed for sale back in the spring, the lingerie community was alight with anticipation to try out the hottest new bra brand on the block.  The reason behind the excitement was simple: images of gorgeous lingerie in pretty shades and wearable styles which were shared through Tutti Rouge’s social channels showed a glimmer of hope that sexy and desirable designs that look like ‘regular’ size lingerie were indeed attainable from 28 bands and cups DD to J.  I was as silly-interested as the next full bust blogger and couldn’t wait to ride the Rougette train!

When I was asked if I’d like to try the next bra installment, Betty, I was thrilled and not before long a cute ‘n’ diddy black box arrived at my door.  At first I was sent a 28GG which I didn’t have luck getting fastened.  As a rule I only wear 28GG if the bands are stretchy, like Freya Deco for example, with 28H or 30GG my usual sizes, although admittedly I’m preferring 30GG of late, so it wasn’t too surprising that 30GG Betty fit best.  With this is mind, I would say Betty does run slightly small in the band but not immensely so.

Betty comes in DD-HH cup sizes and is such a unique design.  Styled in a half cup shape, Betty boasts lightly padded cups fabricated in a silky satin with a softly coloured poppy print.  Intricate lace trims the cups and all the way around the circumference of the band lending a modern but still feminine look.

The little details make Tutti Rouge’s bras so cute; the metal strap adjuster is a heart shape as opposed to a regular rectangle and Tutti Rouge branding is embossed into either end of the back closure.


Betty’s band has just enough give in the elastic, and with the deep wings and three hook wide closure means a really good, firm structure.  The front of the straps are fashioned in a slightly stretchy satin so it looks like taut fabric but allows just a touch of movement for comfort although it does mean the straps are semi adjustable on the reverse side.  Overall I find Betty really comfy to wear.  

At first I was convinced the shape wouldn’t suit me but it fits me extremely well.  The wires aren’t too wide and finish where I want them to, the cups aren’t too highly cut so I’ve got no rubbing at my underarm, and my boobs are nicely cupped so I feel secure and well supported.  The only nipping I feel is to the outer edge of the wires but then all my bras nip there, and I just need to bend the wire a little to force a bit of curve around my ribcage and then I’m fine.  Lately I’ve been so finicky with my lingerie, the fact I’ve been enjoying wearing Betty all day long proves to me that I’ve found a bra I’m going to be happy in for a long time.



The shorty knickers (size small) feature the same poppy print satin to the front panels, with even more frilly lace trimming, and the back is just as adorable, with it’s cheeky see through mesh and peep hole beneath the elasticated waist.  I do prefer to wear my shorties deeper cut with more generosity in the hips but these are still a cute pair of low rise briefs.


Betty… endorsed by Lucy!

Have you been able to try out Tutti Rouge’s growing range yet?
Or do you have your eyes on a particular collection yet to come?


  1. Mariëlle

    July 3, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Great review, Betty looks great on you! I found Betty to be really comfortable as well, it’s such a shame I can’t wear her well due to the half-adjustable straps. Also, your bunny is très adorable!


  2. Becky Boudoir

    July 3, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    Hi Marielle

    Thank you, you’re too lovely!

    Half adjustable straps are such a shame because they’re so limiting. Hopefully Tutti Rouge will bring more collections with fully adjustable straps so all can enjoy wearing them!

    Becky x

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